Your in-store marketing

Since we’re on a mission to make the lives of trade marketers around the world better, we’ve created an extensive encyclopedia of in-store marketing tools, techniques and tactics to help you navigate easier through the deep waters of your profession. Click on each letter to discover definitions, examples and insights brought to you by Tokinomo.  

Have some products that never seem to get into the cart of your shoppers? This is what dead stock means: unsold merchandise that still lies around in your warehouse or on the shelves. It is considered dead stock if those items haven’t been sold to the customers, so returned products don’t count as dead stock. 
Digital signage is a digital type of digital installation that displays images, video, and any other multimedia content. Digital installations are used for advertising and informational purposes and they can be found in various stores, on buildings, and even on the street.
A dispenser is a container used that contains big amounts of products. Dispensers are usually used for bulk merchandising. They store products that people can purchase in bulk, without having a fixed amount. 
Dump bins are open display containers that can be filled with different kinds of products, smaller or larger, that the customer can grab. Dump bins are made from cardboard and they are usually quite lightweight, which also gives them flexibility. They can be quickly filled with different products, and they are most often used for promotional purposes, as well as displaying products specific to a season.
What is dynamic clustering? Dynamic clustering is all about creating patterns and opportunities in various segments in order to create the best strategies for each cluster. Let’s take a simple example. You have a big retail chain and you have stores in the US, in different states and cities. Customers from New York are quite different compared to shoppers from Boston. However, with dynamic clustering, you will be able to spot similarities in trends and patterns from all the stores in which you s...