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Times have changed 

….and so should your in-store marketing tactics & strategy! 

Since 1990, eCommerce has been taking more and more share of the retail market. However, brick and mortar shops still have the advantage, owning 80% of retail market share even with the Covid19 pandemic accentuating the trend while physical shops are not going anywhere at the moment, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t keep up with trends. 

eCommerce is using technology to transport customers in a virtual reality and offer them personalized experiences. Products are just a click away, customers receive custom-made services, and technology is perfectly integrated. 

When it comes to brick and mortar shops, time seems to stand still. Customers no longer benefit from experiences especially designed for them, great support and accessibility. To put it in other words, physical shops don’t have the WOW factor customers are searching for.

When you enter a store, you are not amazed by the displays since you are so used to seeing them. You are not disrupted during your shopping “auto-pilot mode”. Customers enter, they shop, pay, and go away. 

How can you keep up with trends and offer better services to your customers? 

Introducing IoT devices in your processes!

Internet of Things is no longer just a simple concept. IoT devices are here, are being used, and are offering what customers desire. 

By 2025, more than 150,000 mobile robots will be deployed in brick-and-mortar retail establishments. 

Technology is changing retail as we speak. New Retail Tech trends appear every year and it might be hard to keep up with them, but it’s a must if you want to stay ahead of competition and delight your customers. 

Retail tech trends such as smart equipment that can sense when stock is not sufficient are the future. They come with so many benefits, including higher productivity and revenue. 

Apart from stock management, robots and other tech devices designed for retail are going to make it easier for employees to provide what customers need: real-time connection.

Your employees will no longer: 

  • change products
  • apply pricing labels
  • refill stock
  • present products

Your employees will:

  • engage more with customers
  • give pieces of advice
  • provide support
  • inform and help shoppers

Leave the hard work in the hands of technology and concentrate on what makes the difference!

Increasing the efficiency of your employees is just a minor benefit IoT brings to the table. The real advantage is data

Online stores have their customers’ data. They know anything from their email address, up to their interests. This is how eCommerce platforms can offer incredible, personalized experiences to their users. They know everything about them. 

Brick-and-mortar shops don’t have any information about their users. Although you can see your customers enter your store, you can’t personalize their experience, you don’t even know exactly how many women walk inside the store or what their actual age is. This leaves you with little to no options when it comes to in-store marketing. 

IoT can offer you exactly what you are missing: information about your customers. Data can be gathered by smart devices, with the customer’s consent, of course. 

What does this mean for in-store marketing? 

You know how to design your in-store promotions and customers receive amazing experiences. It’s a win-win situation! 

Apart from gathering personal data from your customers, you will be able to observe certain buying patterns. These will help you change the position of an entire aisle if you see that customers move and shop in a certain way. You will be able to help them through their shopping journey, instead of following old design patterns. 

If the above mentioned benefits are not enough to convince you of the power of IoT in retail, we have another one: the ability to connect your physical store to your eCommerce platform. 

You have to tell the same story on all channels if you want to gain market share in this highly competitive market and IoT can help you do just that. Connecting your online medium with your offline one offers you endless possibilities. Anything from tying up in-store promotions with digital ones, up to click and collect options for your customers. 

Did you know that 2 out of 3 shoppers can’t find the information they were looking for in store? 

This makes your customers leave your store frustrated and with less products in their shopping cart. However, when customers have the possibility to search for and find useful information online, on your page, 75% of them will come back in store and purchase products. 

Apart from finding information, customers are looking for personalised experiences in store. So how can you offer them what they are searching for?

New solutions for demanding customers

There’s a myth that we need to debunk: Online research has lowered the expectations of customers regarding brick-and-mortar stores. 

Believe us when we tell you that this information is 100% false! 

Customers’ expectations are on the rise when it comes to the shopping experience in-store. Shoppers still prefer to go to real stores and purchase what they need, and FMCG brands have the advantage.

62% of customers go grocery shopping exclusively in brick and mortar stores. 


They want to touch products, inspect them, and compare them in real-time. And some want to reach their daily steps target.

However, the fact that customers still prefer physical stores doesn’t mean you should rely on this for long. Day by day, customers’ expectations are increasing and they demand more from stores. They want stores to include great deals but also experiences and smart robots designed to make their shopping journey more accessible. 

Delight your customers with innovative in-store marketing! 

Old-school in-store marketing solutions are simply not enough to draw customers in. Shoppers pass by your beautifully arranged displays without even noticing them. They don’t even bat an eye when there’s a 50% discount anymore because they don’t even see it. 

Start engaging your customers and showcase your best-selling products in a different, innovative way with Tokinomo. 

The ultimate in-store marketing solution - Tokinomo 



Tokinomo is a complex solution designed especially for your in-store marketing strategy. Our solution contains sound, light, and moving technologies that help you engage your customers and make them purchase more. 

This robot is not a simple moving arm, it’s a new channel for you to promote your product in an innovative way. 

Highlight your products

Highlight your products

Move your products 

Coca Cola & Tokinomo shelf advertising robot gif

Tell the story of your products


Highly customizable

Stop using the same old tools for in-store promotions and let your products take the spotlight! Tokinomo is highly customizable to meet your needs. 

You can choose:

  • how it moves
  • how it talks 
  • what it says 
  • the level of lightning 
  • how many hours it works for you. 

Remote control

You can control Tokinomo just the way you like, anytime, anywhere. With our cloud-based campaign management platform you have access to your campaign and you can: 

  • change the audio messages
  • make it move faster (or slower)
  • stop
  • turn the sound volume lower or higher

Take advantage of real-time marketing and change the narrative. On old-school banners you can’t change the text. A simple typo can ruin your campaign and a dull text will can you miss marketing opportunities. 

With Tokinomo you can change what your product tells customers so you can match trends and recent events. 


Don’t just guess how your in-store marketing campaign is doing, know for sure! Tokinomo offers essential data about your campaign. 

You can find out, in real-time:

  • Foot traffic
  • Activations
  • Location
  • Status of each device

Because we love to innovate, soon you will be able to find other data about your campaign such as the audience gender, shoppers age range, their mood, dwell time and others. Stay tuned! 

Level up with Tokinomo


1. FMCG Brands
  • Increase visibility
  • Take up market share from competitors
  • Get ahead of the competition
  • Increase brand awareness 
  • Increase sales with 200%
2. Retailers 
  • Maximize profit per square meter
  • Offer amazing experiences
  • Take the spotlight
  • Increase word-of-mouth marketing
  • Offer better services
3. Marketing agencies 
  • Be innovative
  • Differentiate your agency
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Offer the best solutions
  • Win new FMCG clients

In-store marketing campaigns with Tokinomo


Want to engage with your customers? Think about what they like. Heineken knows that a good beer is best enjoyed during a football game. They decided to make Tokinomo sing the Champions League Anthem while moving the bottle of Heineken on the rhythm. 

How did their campaign go? 

136% Sales Lift without any Price Cuts! 


Le Petit Marseillais

Sensitive skin? Le Petit Marseillais is here with their new hypoallergenic shower gel to help nourish your skin. This brand focused on its amazing benefits to capture the attention of its customers. With a little help from Tokinomo, Le Petit Marsaillais has amazing results with this in-store marketing campaign. 

The results of the campaign? 

 They doubled the market share!



Tired of the same boring in-store marketing displays? Get creative with Tokinomo, just like in this Nutella video! In this demo video, two of their best selling products are talking. Yes, with the help of two Tokinomo devices, the Nutella Jar and Nutella to go have a really entertaining talk in-store. 



Customers would definitely enjoy this show!

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