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The future of
brick-and-mortar marketing

One of the major advantages that brick-and-mortar stores have over eCommerce sites is the ability to interact and engage with their customers in-store and in real-time. That real-life engagement is key to getting a customer’s attention and supercharging sales.

Tokinomo creates a multi-sensory experience for the shopper with the help of motion, sound, and light, which drives sales based on shopper engagement rather than price cuts. With an average sales increase of 200%, Tokinomo is the ultimate merchandising solution!

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How can Tokinomo
increase your revenues?

Rent our robot to your suppliers

Add Tokinomo to your in-store media pack and offer your suppliers the most innovative way to advertise inside your store. 

Use Tokinomo to promote your private labels

Use Tokinomo robots to promote private labels and increase market share without having to reduce the price and lose margins. 

Improve the shopping experience

Create a memorable environment for shoppers in order to be perceived as a modern brick-and-mortar store. 

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Perfect for every product category

From snacks to beauty products, from open fridges to electronics, Tokinomo is the ultimate in-store advertising solution for your suppliers or your own private labels.

As long as the product is lighter than 1.5 kg, then it is totally suitable for a Tokinomo campaign. For a retailer, this means a unique opportunity to profit from all the space and categories available in a supermarket.  

Trusted by top FMCG brands:
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Same space, more profits for retailers!

Since Tokinomo is a shelf solution, it doesn’t require additional space in your store, like a secondary placement, a pop-up store or a sampling booth.

Increasing profits in a bounded space is one of retailers main concerns, so we’re happy to introduce to you a ready-to-use solution with proven results: Tokinomo robots. 


You may use Tokinomo
in-store robots for:

Your private labels

It is hard to compete with big brands that spend millions of dollars on marketing. With Tokinomo you can generate exposure and increase your market share in the category.

Product launches

New product launches are hard and brands are willing to invest to gain momentum and make people try their new products. Gain extra revenues by offering Tokinomo to your vendors!

High margin products

For products with higher margins, like spirits and cosmetics, you or the brands can invest in promoting them with Tokinomo. Even a moderate increase in sales will bring significant ROI.

Products that are moving slow

Some products are not that successful. You need to push the sales and the usual way to do this is to reduce the price. No more of that! Use Tokinomo to increase sales while keeping the full margin.

See how AUCHAN
increased sales for its private labels by
using TOKINOMO robots.

The French retailer Auchan used Tokinomo in-store marketing robots to promote two of its private labels: coffee and milk.

Discover the campaign results, how customers responded to this new in-store advertising medium, and what learnings you may get from their experience. 


Global footprint: Tokinomo around the world.

Our technology is changing the way in-store marketing is done as we speak.

With over 2000 robots deployed and certified partners in more than 40 countries on all continents, we are ready to partner up with retailers that want to upgrade their in-store marketing portfolio with the most innovative retail solutions. 

We did several campaigns for Auchan’s private labels and for our suppliers’ brands using Tokinomo, and the results have been remarkable: impressive sales lifts during the activations and a great experiential impact on the customers. We will continue to develop modern in-store activation solutions and we are happy Tokinomo is one of them.
Tiberiu Danetiu, Marketing Director, Auchan, Testimonial Tokinomo
Tiberiu Danetiu
Marketing Director, Auchan
Using this robotic display increased sales compared to the control group for the product advertised by 75% in 2 weeks. It also provided a safe and engaging shopping experience for Tesco shoppers.
Andras Juhasz, Media Planning Manager, Dunnhumby Media,Tokinomo Testimonial
Andras Juhasz
Media Planning Manager, Dunnhumby Media
I would definitely call it a success. I picked a high-dollar item, that doesn’t have high-velocity turns. The Big Sexy hairspray had a 500% increase in sales compared with the prior 10 days. The customers and employees had a lot of fun with it. I know Big Sexy hairspray will stick in our customer's minds for a long time to come.
Barry Bessey, General Manager Reams Food Stores, USA, Testimonial Tokinomo
Barry Bessey
General Manager Reams Food Stores, USA
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