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For brands selling through brick-and-mortar retailers, one of the greatest challenges is making a product stand out among competitors. It’s easy for customers to glance over your product without considering what makes it unique.

Tokinomo not only gives your product the visibility it needs to stand out from the crowd, but it also can be a powerful tool for communicating your brand identity to potential customers – right at the point of sale.

Experience the stopping power of Tokinomo

When shopping for groceries, customers are most of the time going into autopilot mode. They are so used to seeing traditional displays like cardboards and tv screens that they began to ignore them. Tokinomo is an instant attention grabber because it engages more senses through its combination of motion, sound, and light. 50% of people who walk by a Tokinomo-powered campaign acknowledge the product, while 30% of them interact with it.  

See how Henkel increased sales by +159% using Tokinomo robots



Top FMCG brands of the world rely on Tokinomo to create amazing shopping experiences in supermarkets and increase sales through storytelling rather than discounts or special offers. Find out how Henkel managed to "scratch" 159% more sales for Le Chat with an interactive Tokinomo activation implemented in 20 Auchan stores in France. 



When it comes to choosing a product, customers don’t rely on just facts but their feelings. Tokinomo’s light, sound and motion capabilities allow brands to better make emotional connections with shoppers. Show off your brand’s values and personality in ways that go beyond static displays and product packaging. With Tokinomo, you can transform your product into a storyteller for your brand.

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Making your product stand out in a sea of competitors is difficult. But it’s even harder to get shoppers to remember your product after they’ve walked away. But with Tokinomo in action, 40% of the people remember the brand name after they’ve left the store. That means there’s an excellent chance your product or brand will come to mind when the shopper thinks of your product category or realizes their need for it.

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