Upgrade your in-store marketing game

Meet the shelf advertising robots. 


Goodbye outdated POS displays. Hello Tokinomo!

Say hello to Tokinomo, the ultimate shopper engagement solution for the modern day customers. While all the other areas of retail get upgraded, in-store marketing is still working on cardboard displays and secondary placements.

Not anymore! With Tokinomo, you have a new power tool to communicate with your shoppers at the point-of-sale in an interactive, efficient and memorable way. 

Our customers
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Transform products into storytellers

When it comes to choosing a product, customers don’t rely on just facts but their feelings. Tokinomo’s light, sound and motion capabilities allow brands to better make emotional connections with shoppers. Show off your brand’s values and personality in ways that go beyond static displays and product packaging. With Tokinomo, you can transform your product into a storyteller for your brand.

Engage shoppers with motion, light and sound!

Customers are most of the time in autopilot mode when shopping for groceries. It’s easy for them to glance over your product without considering what makes it unique.

Tokinomo is an instant attention grabber because it engages more senses through its combination of motion, sound, and light. 

Tokinomo Next_Level_shoper

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Meet your target with
Tokinomo robotic display

Boost product visibility

Experience the stopping power of Tokinomo and expand your customer reach. 

Lift shopper engagement

Turn your product into a storyteller and get more brand awareness at the point-of-sale.

Increase sales

Witness an instant boost in sales without reducing the price of your product. 

The most innovative brands chose Tokinomo.

Creativity goes hand in hand with innovation. That’s why top FMCG brands of the world used our innovative in-store marketing robot for their shopper activation campaigns. 

Your unique marketing ideas combined with our unique technology are unstoppable. See how you can make a difference and join the in-store marketing revolution. 

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200% average increase in sales. Really.

Conventional promotional campaigns in retail revolve around price cuts and discounts, which can lead to an eroded market position and reduced bottom line. Tokinomo campaigns are different because they promote sales through engagement rather than price cutting. 

On average, Tokinomo campaigns lift sales by over 200%, while traditional in-store campaigns like discounts, in-store radio, sampling and static displays only reach 20%. Skeptical about it? Check out our case studies!

With the help of Tokinomo not only did we manage to have +48% sellout, but we managed to very quickly build trial and further sales during a context in which the time spent in store was considerably lower. In a category with low penetration, but with fantastic innovation, Tokinomo was the perfect tool for a successful launch!
Mircea Balan
Mircea Balan
Senior Brand Manager Alpro
We believe that the performance of the Tokinomo device was significantly above average, doubling the market share for the overall brand versus the same period of last year. It can be said that it is a lot more efficient than a promotion.
Pachitanu George
Pachitanu George Ciprian
Senior Customer Development Manager Johnson&Johnson
Now in COVID times, it gets harder and harder to promote your brand in-store via traditional sampling or activations with promoters. Through Tokinomo we managed to increase the visibility of our products, encourage sales and maintain higher sales after the activation.
Elena Ion Ficosota
Elena Ion
Brand Manager Ficosota

Stopping power and
brand awareness impact

Making your product stand out in a sea of competitors is difficult. But it’s even harder to get shoppers to remember your product after they’ve walked away.

But with Tokinomo in action, more than 50% of the people remember the brand name after they’ve left the store. And 30% remember the product's benefits. That means there’s an excellent chance your product or brand will come to mind when the shopper thinks of your product category or realizes their need for it.

Shoppers love it. See for yourself!

Modern technology for the
modern-day consumers

Consumers’ behaviour has changed over the past few years. With so much digitalization going on and so many products on the shelves, shoppers are now harder to impress. Go the extra mile using our display robot’s technology and customize your communication at the most important stage in a customer's journey: right at the point of sale!


Remote access and
real-time campaign management

Each Tokinomo device is connected wirelessly to our data servers, which means that campaign settings like audio files, sound volume, and motion patterns can be changed remotely.

This means that you can customize your audio messages based on location (different messages in different stores and cities) or based on the day of the week. All of these in real-time!

High-impact brand activations: MAGGI's singing soup!

Being creative, fun and memorable is the key to getting into shoppers’ minds and hearts. MAGGI knows it best, that’s why they used Tokinomo to bring a touch of magic to the soup aisle. 

Have you ever seen a singing pot before? Not in Disney movies, but in real life. Well, neither did the shoppers who witnessed MAGGI’s magical campaign. And we’re pretty sure they’ll never forget it. 

Maggis singing soup campaign

What to expect from your
Tokinomo campaigns

Implementation services from our certified partners.

Our official international partners will manage your campaign from A to Z, including implementation, check-up visits and reports. 

Exclusivity in your category throughout the campaign

While your competitors will sit quietly on the shelves, your product will be the only one interacting with the shoppers in real-time.

Real-time and remote campaign management

You can optimize your campaign in real-time by changing audio files as you wish to create personalized and contextual marketing campaigns. 

Data and traffic reports during the campaign

Our campaign management platform allows you to access reports on foot traffic in the aisle and the number of robot activations for each individual store. 

You might ask yourself...

How can you book an in-store campaign with Tokinomo?

Or how many Tokinomo robots can you use? Who will manage the installation in your country? And so much more. Don’t worry, we are here for you. Visit our FAQ section or book a call with one of our experts. 

Let your brand shine with
Tokinomo in-store marketing robots

Turn your product into a star by using the latest in-store marketing technology: Tokinomo robots. You are now able to create amazing shopping experiences in supermarkets and increase sales through storytelling rather than discounts or special offers. 

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