Danone uses celebrity Claudia Vieira's voice for their Tokinomo campaign.

In-store influencer marketing campaign with Danone Activia

Attracting attention in-store is not an easy task for products like yogurts and yogurt-based drinks, especially during a Pandemic. While Danone is a world-known brand that produces amazing dairy products, it’s still hard to increase engagement in-store. Plus, when it comes to dairy products, people don’t expect to be surprised at the point of purchase. 

However, Danone wanted to create an amazing in-store activation for its best-selling dairy product, Activia. 

Influencer marketing campaign in-store during a pandemic

When you are a popular FMCG brand like Danone you have no room for mistakes and you need to find innovative ways to promote your products. That is why Danone combined an influencer marketing campaign with an in-store activation. 

Danone’s objectives:

Taking into consideration the Pandemic and the fact that they want to come up with something unique, Danone focused on completing these objectives:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase engagement at the point of purchase
  • Find an innovative way to attract customers

In-store campaign in Portugal

As mentioned, the FMCG brand Danone did not want to create a common in-store activation, they wanted to find something unique for their customers. The in-store campaign took place in Portugal in March 2021. 

The stores in which this campaign took place include Continente do Colombo (Lisbon), Continente de Sto. António dos Cavaleiros (Loures), Continent of Guimarães, Continent of Arrábida, Continent of Gaia Shopping and Continent of Matosinhos.

Bring the influencer to the shopper

Danone decided to implement an influencer marketing campaign with Cláudia Vieira, their brand ambassador in Portugal. 

However, taking into account the social distancing rules and the fact that their brand ambassador can’t be in 10 stores at the same time, they needed to find a better, innovative solution to reach their shoppers. 

Creating a video for Instagram with Vieira? Posting on Facebook a message from the ambassador? What if we’ve told you that they found a way to do an in-store influencer marketing campaign without actually bringing Cláudia Vieira in the stores? 

With the help of Tokinomo, the shelf advertising robot, Danone implemented their in-store brand activation campaign and connected with their shoppers. With a simple, yet actionable message, Activia managed to convince shoppers to try out the products. The campaign message stated: 

"Psst! Hello! It's really me, Claudia! Activia, my favorite and the number one yogurt with probiotics. Try it out! Activia, the number one in probiotics."

The brand ambassador managed to communicate with shoppers without even being in the store. Just take a look at this amazing campaign:

Storytelling at the point of purchase

With Tokinomo, you can leverage influencer marketing and use ambassadors as storytellers right at the point of purchase. People love stories and brands can increase brand loyalty with the help of storytelling. However, it is hard to master the art of storytelling in-store because old-school in-store marketing tools don’t allow you to really share a story. 

Danone managed to make Activia interact with customers through the voice of its brand ambassador. The voice of the influencer, guided by Tokinomo, was able to reach shoppers while they were reading the grocery list or scrolling absently on their smartphones. Once their attention was captured, they got to listen to one of their favorite influencers. 

Increase brand awareness

While Danone is a well-known brand, it is important to focus on brand awareness at any time. By combining the voice of their brand ambassador in Portugal and the technology behind Tokinomo, Danone managed to attract attention for its product, Activia. 

Innovative campaign to attract customers

Danone managed to find an innovative solution for their in-store activation: Tokinomo. Brands need to reinvent themselves to keep up with trends and to be able to surprise customers. With the help of this campaign, Danone successfully engaged with customers at the point of purchase in a unique way.

“This being the ideal moment to reinvent ourselves in the way we communicate with our consumers in stores, our objective was to find a unique and differentiating activation that would seduce the consumer and lead them to meet our brand”, explains Marta Pereira, head of Shopper Marketing at Danone Portugal

Curious customers enjoyed the campaign

Attracting the attention of shoppers in this fast-moving world is a real challenge, especially in-store, during a pandemic. Even with all of these bumps in the road, this in-store activation managed to capture the attention of shoppers as they were passing by the dairy aisle. 

What Danone thought about the campaign

As you can see, Danone managed to complete all of its objectives with this amazing, innovative in-store activation. 

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased engagement at the point of purchase
  • Tested an innovative solution to attract customers

Marta Pereira, head of Shopper Marketing at Danone Portugal managed to showcase one of Tokinomo’s biggest benefits:

"At a time when Cláudia Vieira cannot participate in face-to-face branding actions, this communication format allows her voice to reach our consumers, in the product choice and innovation communication phase and also conveying a health message about our Activia products,” mentioned Marta Pereira, head of Shopper Marketing at Danone Portugal

Innovate your campaigns

As you can see, the only way to attract the attention of shoppers at the point of purchase is to rely on innovative solutions like Tokinomo and a creative campaign. While we focused on Danone in this case study, there are many other examples of brands that created successful campaigns with Tokinomo. 

Your product can be the next innovator!

Learn how Tokinomo can help you: 

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Increase product visibility
  • Increase shopper engagement
  • Lift sales
  • Acquire more customers
  • Benefit from word-of-mouth marketing