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Now, your product can communicate via text messages with your shoppers


Versatile and interactive in-store advertising tool.

Looking for a more convenient way to promote products in store? Visibubble is the perfect solution. This small, but powerful in-store advertising solution offers you the possibility to directly communicate with customers at the point of sale. 


Customisable messages & colors

You can add any messages and colors to showcase your branding. The messages and the covers are magnetic, making them so easy to add and change.

Shopper detection sensor

Hundreds of shoppers go by your product without noticing it on a daily basis. Not anymore! Visibubble comes with a detection sensor that activates the solution once a customer passes by.

Led Lighting

Any time Visibubble activates, your message is easy to spot thanks to the led lights which draws the attention of customers.

Notification Sounds

Increase product’s visibility thanks to Visibubble’s notification sounds. Similar to the ones used by mobile apps, the notifications will captivate the shoppers.


Visibubble is powered by batteries so you can install it anywhere in the store without the need of a power outlet.


See Visibubble in action!

cost-effective solution

Omnichannel doesn’t have to mean spending huge amounts of dollars to provide a unified brand experience on all channels. With Visibubble you can start the conversation with the shopper in-store and continue that conversation on their mobile phones within the same affordable budget.

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Sustainable and

Visibubble is reusable, suitable for long-term usage and multiple campaigns. So you don’t have to change everything every time you want to implement a new campaign. With Visibubble you show your conscious consumers that you care about the Planet while also increasing your visibility. Did we mention that it is made out of sustainable materials too?

Clients that trusted us
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Proud to have created an award-winning in-store marketing solution.

Besides winning the trust of top FMCG brands who are using our innovative solution all over the world, we are very proud of winning several international awards for being the best retail innovation and digital POP display solution. 

Retail Expo London, Europe's leading retail exhibition for retail technology and digital innovation, awarded Tokinomo with the best  innovation award in 2018. 

Tokinomo was the winner in two categories, Best POP/POS Concept and Innovative Product Display, at the Creative Retail Awards 2022. 

In 2020, Tokinomo received the Best Retail Innovation Award in the leading Greek event that rewards the best sales performances of the year. 


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