Reese's: Truly Anything but Ordinary in Store

Reese's: Truly Anything but Ordinary in Store

Explore the groundbreaking collaboration between Reese's and Visibubble, Tokinomo's innovative POP display, as we delve into the success story of their captivating in-store campaign at Jumbo, a renowned retailer in the Netherlands.

Reese's In-Store Campaign

Reese's, the iconic brand synonymous with delectable peanut butter and chocolate combinations, joined forces with Visibubble to elevate their visibility and engagement at the point of sale. Executed by our partner, BRANDAGENCY, this campaign unfolded in Jumbo stores across the Netherlands, marking a significant milestone in Reese's marketing strategy.

Visibubble's Impactful Presence

In this specific campaign, Visibubble served as the conduit for Reese's captivating message, drawing shoppers' attention to their irresistible mini peanut butter cups. Strategically positioned in high-traffic areas within Jumbo stores, Visibubble's sleek design and dynamic motion immediately caught the eye of passersby. Featuring prominently displayed QR codes, Visibubble seamlessly integrated digital engagement, prompting shoppers to explore Reese's Instagram page with a simple scan, fostering a deeper connection with the brand and extending the brand experience beyond the physical store environment.

Reese's Engaging Messages

Harnessing the power of Visibubble's interactive platform, Reese's crafted engaging and teasing messages designed to resonate with shoppers and ignite their curiosity:

"Want to escape your everyday chocolate?"

"Try Reese's Peanut Butter in a Cup"

"Anything but ordinary"

These messages not only showcased Reese's unique selling propositions but also tapped into consumers' desire for indulgence and sensory delight, compelling them to explore the brand further and consider making a purchase.

Measurable Impact and Consumer Engagement

Throughout the duration of the campaign, Visibubble's presence in Jumbo stores generated significant buzz and consumer engagement. The inclusion of QR codes facilitated seamless interaction between shoppers and Reese's brand content, resulting in an influx of visits to Reese's Instagram page. The dynamic combination of Visibubble's attention-grabbing display and Reese's compelling messaging sparked conversations among shoppers, driving brand awareness and consideration.

Elevating In-Store Experiences

Through the innovative implementation of Visibubble, Reese's successfully leveraged the power of experiential marketing to engage shoppers and amplify brand visibility at Jumbo stores. This collaborative effort exemplifies the transformative potential of Visibubble in enhancing in-store marketing initiatives, driving consumer interest, and fostering long-lasting brand loyalty. As brands continue to seek innovative ways to connect with consumers in the ever-evolving retail landscape, Visibubble emerges as a game-changing solution, offering unparalleled opportunities for brands to create memorable experiences and drive meaningful engagement at the point of sale.

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