For decades, retail has relied on the same-old in-store marketing and visual merchandising techniques to increase sales. Take a walk through a nearby grocery store and you’ll find display booths, product demonstrations, and product sample offers. Not only are they competing for customers’ attention but also struggling to reach sales increases over 20%.

Tokinomo is different.

With its innovative combination of light, sound and motion technology, our robotic interactive display helps products move (and maybe even dance) ahead of the pack to reach sales increases of 200% or more!


The ultimate customer engagement tool

The ultimate in-store shopper engagement tool

Making a product become the absolute star at the shelf is no longer an issue. The Tokinomo robotic device uses a sequence of motion, light and sound to interact with the customers in a playful and memorable manner by instantly bringing your FMCG products to life.

Our robotic in-store advertising solution is easy to use, easy to install and really hard to forget once the clients get in touch with it. Check out below the results on brand loyalty and product recognition for campaigns using our cutting-edge robotic promoter device. Pretty awesome, right?


Tokinomo transforms the shop aisle into a miniature theatre stage — with your product as the star!

Our robotic device' combination of lights, motion and sound technologies allows you to design a fun, engaging experience for shoppers that can be customized to communicate your FMCG brand benefits while increasing product awareness and sales.

Tokinomo robotic devices have a built-in motion sensor that detects shoppers approaching your product at the shelf.

Tokinomo robotic devices have a built-in motion sensor that detects shoppers approaching your product at the shelf. Next, shelves become speaking shelves.

Your product comes to life and start engaging the shopper.

Our robot instantly brings your product to life and starts engaging the shopper through motion, speech and light. Your product moves and speaks to the shopper.

Tokinomo In-Store Robot How It Works 3

Shoppers buy your product and form a lasting positive impression of your brand. Also, we provide analytics about the total audience and the number of device activations for each campaign.

Tokinomo In-Store Robot Average Sales Lift

Tokinomo “moves products” with motion

Conventional promotional campaigns in retail revolve around price cuts and discounts, which can lead to an eroded market position and reduced bottom line.

Tokinomo campaigns are different because they promote sales through engagement rather than price cutting. In fact, some Tokinomo clients even increase their prices during the campaign and still see sales increases of over 100%.

On average, Tokinomo campaigns lift sales by over 200%, while conventional campaigns like discounts, in-store television and static displays only reach 20%.

Tokinomo In-store Robot Graph Brand Awareness

Tell your brand story, directly inside the store

Traditional in-store displays are static and easily overlooked by shoppers. This can make it difficult for companies to make a significant impact on customers’ awareness of a brand.
Tokinomo campaigns allow brands to design unique, engaging and memorable experiences for customers. With customizable light, sound and motion options, you can communicate your brand while bringing your physical product to life.
Have your products greet shoppers, dance to music or tell a story. The possibilities are endless, and the results speak for themselves: 40% of shoppers who see a Tokinomo campaign report remembering the name of the product on display.

Bringing Big Data to the Corner Shop

Bringing Big Data to the Corner Shop

In an increasingly data-driven retail environment, knowing more about shoppers and their habits means you can find new ways to reach customers.

Tokinomo’s advanced suite of sensors means you can learn more about your customers and better measure the results of your merchandising campaigns.
Within Tokinomo’s cloud-based dashboard, you can access real-time data about your campaign such as:

  • Foot traffic
  • Activations
  • Location
  • Status of each device

More than just hardware

With Tokinomo’s powerful cloud-based interface, you can control every aspect of your campaign with any device, anywhere in the world.

After Tokinomo has been set up in the store, you can monitor your campaign’s results in real time and make frequent adjustments. This allows you to constantly improve your campaign’s performance for maximum results.

More than just hardware




Increase brand recognition and top-of-mind awareness.

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Engage shoppers and increase product sales.

Tokinomo for Retailers


Add a new profit center and increase client satisfaction.

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The best solutions in the world look very simple, yet they are so complex. Reach out today to one of our experts and get to know more about Tokinomo and how it manages to: 

  • Boost sales by +200% on average
  • Raise shopper engagement beyond compare
  • Effectively impact customer acquisition 
  • Increase product visibility and brand recognition
  • Provide real-time analytics data 
  • Offer a remote campaign management platform