Shelfobot and Visibubble rock in the Spanish DIA stores

Private labels have long been a cornerstone of supermarket success, offering consumers quality products at competitive prices. In a dynamic marketplace where differentiation is key, retailers like Dia España are constantly innovating to bring unique offerings to their customers.

DIA, the supermarket chain that rocks 

As one of Spain's leading supermarket chains, Dia España has consistently endeavored to provide its customers with high-quality products and innovative shopping experiences. Leveraging their expertise in retail and commitment to customer satisfaction, Dia embarked on an exciting journey with the launch of their latest culinary creation: the Rock Dessert. 

Tokinomo’s Shelfobot and Visibubble introduced the Rock Dessert in DIA stores

For a month-long period, Tokinomo brought the Caprichoso dessert to life, delivering a rocking experience to shoppers in Spanish stores. DIA chose to implement their product launch with both Shelfobot and Visibubble in different stores. The ambassador of this campaign was Mario Vaquerizo, a popular singer in Spain.

With the help of Shelfobot his voice addressed directly to the customers, adding a unique and memorable touch to the campaign. Beyond mere visibility, the campaign managed to create an emotional connection with the shoppers through interactive and engaging in-store experiences. Messages were crafted so that they could resonate with the target audience, incorporating humor and relatability to make the product stand out. Discover here all the details about the in-store implementation with Shelfobot!

In other stores, the messages delivered through Visibubble caught shoppers’ attention, who scanned the QR code leading to prizes. The messages tailored for this campaign implemented with Visibubble were:

"Hello friends
Are you capricious?
I have something for you

Try the Rock Dessert
Made by Mario Vaquerizo
Exclusively in DIA

Scan the QR code
Found on Rock Dessert
And win awards that rock!"

Moving towards robotic Point-of-Sale solutions reflects a shift in retail innovation, replacing outdated advertising methods with dynamic interactions that attract customers. This strategy improves customer engagement and significantly impacts sales, illustrating the power of technology in enhancing marketing strategies for private labels.”  - Ionuț Vlad, CEO Tokinomo

Find out how Visibubble increased the visibility of the new Capriccioso Dessert here! 

An in-store product launch that went viral

The voice of a celebrity at the shelf made this campaign go viral in a second. TikTok user @diegxnister shared a video showcasing the supermarket shelf mechanism triggering Mario Vaquerizo's voice, gathering 160,000 likes in less than a day. Now, the video has 2.4 million views, 282.9k likes and almost 1000 comments. The influencer’s playful and inviting tone not only introduced the product but also added a layer of entertainment, making the shopping experience more enjoyable and memorable. That’s why customers showed an increased interest in the new product.

The buzz was so loud that HuffPost wrote about the successful product launch, which added another layer of visibility on a global scale.

Want to see how Tokinomo can help you increase brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales? Discover our products, Shelfobot and Visibubble

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