Jacobs Kronung Partners with Tokinomo Shelfobot for In-Store Innovation in South Africa

In a bold move to revolutionize their promotional campaigns and elevate shopper engagement, the well-known coffee brand Jacobs Kronung recently teamed up with Tokinomo for an innovative in-store brand activation. This collaboration unfolded across 20 Checkers Stores, owned by Shoprite, the largest retailer in South Africa, spanning an impressive 18-day period from March 20th to April 7th. With 11 stores in Cape Town and 9 in Johannesburg, this ambitious campaign sought to captivate shoppers and drive brand visibility in key retail hubs across the country. Spearheading this transformative initiative was Smollan, a renowned name in the industry, with strategic media planning executed by RainMaker, the media agency for Shoprite.

Domaine Rautenbach, Senior Brand Manager at Jacobs Coffee, shared insights into the motivation behind Jacobs' decision to partner with Tokinomo:

Why did Jacobs consider using Tokinomo? 

‘Jacobs considered using Tokinomo primarily to revolutionize our promotional campaigns and enhance shopper engagement instore. Tokinomo offered us the opportunity to leverage retail innovation and technology that transform static promotions into an interactive experience for consumers. This also enabled us to captivate shoppers' attention like never before, which elevated our National Promotion & Easter campaign to new heights.
One of the main aspects that attracted us to the Tokinomo technology was its ability to break through the clutter in store. In a market saturated with promotional competitions, it's easy for shoppers to feel disengaged or unmotivated to participate. However, Tokinomo served as an attention-grabbing tool that stopped shoppers in their tracks and took a closer look at Jacobs in store.’  - Domaine Rautenbach, Senior Brand Manager at Jacobs Coffee

Is this a tool you would use again? 

‘This is absolutely an innovation we will consider for promotional campaigns going forward. The organic feedback on digital platforms, especially on LinkedIn, where consumers have actively shared their in-store experiences and engagement with both Jacobs and Tokinomo, reinforces the impact and effectiveness it had on our campaign.’  - Domaine Rautenbach, Senior Brand Manager at Jacobs Coffee



With Tokinomo's Shelfobot at the helm, Jacobs Coffee's National Promotion & Easter campaign took on a whole new dimension, captivating shoppers with interactive displays and immersive brand experiences. By leveraging cutting-edge technology to break through the clutter and engage consumers on a deeper level, Jacobs Kronung has set a new standard for in-store marketing in South Africa. As the positive feedback continues to pour in, it's clear that Jacobs Coffee and Tokinomo have brewed up a winning combination that will leave a lasting impression on shoppers across the country.

The impact that this campaign has had on the South African customers is reflected by the social media posts spread online. Amazed by the animated Jacobs jar, users started to share videos on TikTok with Tokinomo’s Shelfobot in action. 

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