POS Media Romania has established an exclusive partnership with Tokinomo

A successful retail media agency that wants to attract its clients must constantly move forward. POS Media Romania is also aware of this, as it can now boast an exclusive cooperation with the successful retailtech startup Tokinomo.

POS Media Romania always aims to offer its clients the best services and to be one step ahead of the competition. This is also the reason why it has established an exclusive cooperation with Tokinomo, the tech company behind several innovative in-store marketing solutions.

A combination of two strong players 

The partnership of these strong players in the in-store market is a significant milestone that will stir up the stagnant waters of the retail environment in Romania. POS Media is an internationally recognized specialist in in-store media, Digital Signage and promotional campaigns. It connects brands with customers and influences consumers' purchasing decisions with tailored campaigns.

Tokinomo, on the other hand, is a company that is known for its solutions based on modern technologies which are currently sold in more than 50 countries. For example, it made a name for itself with its Shelfobot, a robot that brings products to life whenever a customer approaches the shelf, thus attracting the customer's attention and communicating the product's benefits.

Similarly, Tokinomo has recently launched Visibubble, a versatile solution that brings the concept of smartphone text messaging to the physical shelf.. Visibubble effectively increases customer engagement because products and brands can communicate with customers via text messages directly at the point of sale.

A new shopping experience 

The newly established partnership with Tokinomo enables POS Media Romania to offer and present to its clients throughout Romania these smart solutions – including Tokinomo Shelfobot and Tokinomo Visibubble. "This collaboration is set to change how we define success in the Romanian retail sector”, says Maksym Sazhyn, Managing Director of POS Media Romania. "I really love the products and the Tokinomo Team. We worked on this deal to deliver to the market another great solution to move the sales up in the most effective way, as we always do.”

Ionut Vlad, CEO and co-founder of Tokinomo, also welcomes the new collaboration: "I am really excited about the partnership with POS Media Romania. I am convinced that together we can elevate the shopping experience of Romanian customers to a whole new level, while bringing innovation and marketing effectiveness to the brands ."

About POS Media Romania Shopper Activation Agency:

POS Media Romania Shopper Activation Agency is part of POS Media Group, the European leader in shopper marketing. It connects brands to shoppers throughout their shopping journey, offering tailored solutions across all retail products and services to influence shopper behaviour.

About Tokinomo:

Tokinomo Marketing SA is a dynamic player in the retail technology space, specialising in creating immersive and interactive experiences that captivate consumers throughout their shopping journey. With a commitment to reshaping the retail landscape, Tokinomo offers tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate into diverse retail environments, providing brands with unprecedented opportunities to influence shopper behaviour and enhance their overall marketing impact.


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