Supermasymas Wins AECOC Award for Innovative Cola Cao


Supermasymas has been recognized for its groundbreaking Cola Cao campaign, receiving the Second Prize for Best Development Action at the AECOC Shopper Marketing and Innovation Awards. This accolade celebrates the campaign's exceptional use of technology to enhance customer engagement and drive in-store sales.

About the AECOC Awards

The AECOC Shopper Marketing and Innovation Awards honor the most creative and effective marketing strategies in retail. AECOC, Spain's leading business association, evaluates campaigns based on creativity, effectiveness, and customer engagement. The Second Prize awarded to Supermasymas highlights the campaign's innovative execution and market impact.


Campaign Highlights

In collaboration with our partner, Masymas Hijos de Luis Rodriguez, a small retailer in Asturias, Spain, the Cola Cao campaign utilized Tokinomo's Shelfobot technology inside refrigerators to create an interactive shopping experience. Objectives included:

  • Increasing Brand Awareness: Utilizing Shelfobot to draw attention to Cola Cao products.

  • Enhancing Shopper Engagement: Creating a memorable in-store experience.

  • Boosting Sales: Driving higher sales through increased product visibility and interaction.

Effective Use of Shelfobot

Tokinomo's Shelfobot technology brought Cola Cao bottles to life with animations and sound, captivating shoppers and encouraging interaction. This innovative approach led to significant increases in customer engagement and sales.

Team Effort and Future Innovations

This award is a proof of the dedication and creativity of the Supermasymas team, including Carolina D., Guadalupe Fernández Álvarez, Omar García Peña, Santiago Pulgar Olay, and Corina Mihalache, along with the Tokinomo team. Their success sets a new standard for retail marketing, inspiring further innovations in the field.

For more details and to see the campaign in action, click HERE.


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