Award-Winning Cola Cao Campaign with Tokinomo

Award-Winning Cola Cao Campaign with Tokinomo
“Teamwork makes the dream work” and the results of the Cola Cao campaign confirms this. With Tokinomo Shelfobot, Supermasymas, a small retailer in Asturias, Spain, achieved remarkable success with their latest campaign, earning the Second Prize for Best Development Action at the AECOC Shopper Marketing and Innovation Awards. Let’s explore this campaign's objectives, execution, and results, showcasing how the integration of Tokinomo's Shelfobot technology transformed in-store marketing.

Campaign Overview

The Cola Cao campaign aimed to revolutionize in-store promotions by leveraging advanced technology to create an engaging customer experience. The primary objectives were:

  • Increase Brand Awareness: Make Cola Cao products stand out to shoppers.

  • Enhance Shopper Engagement: Create a memorable and interactive in-store experience.

  • Boost Sales: Drive increased sales through higher product visibility and customer interaction.

Strategy and Implementation

Partnering with Tokinomo, Supermasymas used Shelfobot technology to animate Cola Cao bottles inside refrigerators. This innovative approach included:

  • Interactive Displays: Shelfobot brought products to life with movement and sound, capturing shopper attention.

  • In-Refrigerator Placement: Positioning Shelfobot inside the refrigerator ensured that shoppers interacted with the product at the point of purchase.

  • Engaging Messages: Custom messages and animations enhanced the interactive experience, encouraging shopper engagement.

Results and Impact

The campaign's success was measured by several key metrics:

  • Increased Engagement: Shoppers interacted with the animated Cola Cao bottles, leading to higher engagement levels.

  • Boosted Sales: The interactive displays drove significant increases in product sales.

  • Award Recognition: The campaign's innovative approach and effectiveness were recognized with the Second Prize for Best Development Action at the AECOC Shopper Marketing and Innovation Awards.

Team Collaboration

The campaign's success was a result of the collaborative efforts of the Supermasymas team, along with the Tokinomo team. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of retail marketing played a crucial role in achieving these outstanding results.

Guillermo Bartolomé González: Curiosity, proactivity and efficiency are the fundamental pillars of any successful project. In this world, not everything is invented... I have always believed in the importance of questioning the status quo, constantly looking for new ways to innovate, and making the most of every opportunity that presents itself.

That is why I want to share that our project has been recognized by AECOC with the second Prize for the Best Development Action in the Category. This award is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our continued effort for exceeding the established limits.

Working on this creative project with people who are committed to innovation is incredible and that is why I thank the entire team that collaborated, CONCHITA TEJADA BLANCO for being our partner with Pascual and the Hijos de Luis Rodríguez, S.A. Carolina D. Guadalupe Fernández Alvarez Omar García Peña Santiago Pulgar Olay team also Corina Mihalache and Tokinomo for launching into Spain with a small retailer in the north. Together, we've done it!


The Power of Technology

The award-winning Cola Cao campaign by Supermasymas and Tokinomo demonstrates the power of innovative technology in transforming in-store marketing. By leveraging Shelfobot, Supermasymas created an engaging and effective promotional strategy that not only increased brand awareness and sales but also set a new benchmark for retail marketing excellence. This case study serves as an inspiration for other retailers to explore innovative solutions to enhance their marketing strategies.

For those interested in seeing the award-winning campaign in action, click here to watch the video and witness firsthand the innovative approach that earned Supermasymas this prestigious accolade.

Experience the Innovation

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