Fanta Misterio's Halloween Campaign

Fanta Misterio wins at seasonal marketing for Halloween campaign

Seasonal marketing needs to be an important part of your overall marketing strategy. Taking advantage of holidays and celebrations is a great way to engage customers and increase sales in-store. See how Dalben Supermercados and Coca-Cola FEMSA managed to do so during the Halloween season. 

Carbonated soft drinks: Needing a refresh

Fewer people are consuming alcoholic beverages. Studies show that the younger generation is not drinking as much alcohol as the older generations. Younger consumers are more interested in soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages. However, in this product category, there’s a lot of competition. 

When it comes to soft carbonated drinks, Coca-Cola is one of the biggest players on the market. As a leader, Coke has to stay on top of things and generate memorable experiences with its seasonal marketing campaigns. This is exactly what Coca-Cola FEMSA did with the help of Tokinomo and Creative Displays in Dalben Supermercados.

Taking advantage of seasonal marketing

Dalben Supermercados wanted to create an innovative campaign for the Halloween season with Coca-Cola FEMSA’s products to attract the attention of shoppers. 

Dalben Supermercados’s objectives

For this campaign, Dalben Supermercados wanted to:

  • Promote Fanta during the Halloween season

  • Create an inventive campaign

  • Engage shoppers at the point of sale

  • Increase sales

Spooky campaign in-store

Dalben Supermercados wanted to engage with customers during Halloween and showcase Coca-Cola’s products at the point of sale. With the help of Tokinomo Shelfobot, Coca-Cola managed to turn its Fanta products to life inside various stores.

This campaign was implemented in Brazil, in Dalben Supermercados, thanks to Tokinomo’s partner, Creative Display. From 16 to 31 October 2022, shoppers can interact with spooky Fanta bottles in Brazilian stores. 

Want to see how the campaign looked? Check it out:


The campaign messages stated:

“Halloween season is upon us and we bring to you a horrifyingly delicious Halloween.”

“Frighteningly awesome snacks always have a Fanta”

Increased shopper engagement

Shoppers were delighted to see that Fanta cans were talking to them at the point of sale. Apart from talking and moving, the cans of carbonated soft drinks were also wearing Halloween “outfits” which allowed the customers to get into the Halloween spirit. 

Total Stock Conversion in Sales

Fanta Misterio, the special flavor designed for the Halloween season was a success. Because of this campaign, Dalben Supermercados managed to convert the total stock into sales. 

98.000+ interactions with the campaign

Tokinomo Shelfobot interacted with shoppers over 98.000 times during the 2 weeks in which the campaign was active in the 3 Dalben Supermercados in Brazil.

Received a Convrt® Award

Apart from increasing sales in-store and attracting the attention of shoppers, this campaign also received a Convrt Award

The Convrt® Awards is a new independent international award that celebrates innovation at every level of retail from Store Design to Product Packaging, Interactive Experiences to Inventory, and eCommerce tools to the exploding world of AI. 

Coca-Cola and Dalben Supermercados accomplished all of their objectives

  • Found an innovative way to promote their product

  • Increased awareness at the point of sale

  • Benefited from word-of-mouth marketing

What Dalben Supermercados thought about the campaign

“Because we had other campaigns with Creative Display Brazil, we asked them to develop an activation that could captivate and give the Halloween spirit. The brand activation was a success in all of our stores with a lot of shopper engagement and resulted in a total sales conversion of the product stock.”

Fernanda Dalben, Marketing Director at Dalben Supermercados

Want to take advantage of seasonal marketing?

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