Visibubble's First Campaigns

Engaging first campaigns implemented with Tokinomo Visibubble

Robotic POP displays are some of the most innovative in-store devices. Since Shelfobot helped brands engage with shoppers and increase sales, here, at Tokinomo, we wanted to create another creative display that is both budget-friendly and effective. That’s how Visibubble came to be.

Meet Tokinomo’s new innovation: Visibubble

Visibubble is a compact, budget-friendly, and customizable POP display that can help brands communicate with shoppers at the shelf. How? It features a QR code that shoppers can scan and end up on a landing page created by the brand. There, brands can add more details about the product, share info about a contest, or use an AI chat feature to directly communicate with customers. 

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Creative and budget-friendly campaigns in-store

Since Visibubble is just making its way into stores all over the world, our distributor in Romania, IPP Romania, wanted to put it to the test. They implemented 4 important in-store campaigns for 3 renowned brands: 

Orkla promoted its products Tomi and Ardealul. LEGO promoted its line DREAMZzz. And Auchan wanted to raise awareness for its private-label brand, Auchan Coffee. Each of these campaigns managed to increase shoppers’ engagement. Also, one important result was that the QR codes on Visibubble devices were scanned 17 times more compared to standalone QR codes. 

Curious to see the four implementations? Let’s take a look at each campaign and uncover more details. 

Tomi’s in-store promotion

Let’s start with Orkla’s in-store campaign for Tomi, a beloved ketchup. To raise awareness about Tomi’s latest content, Orkla tested out Visibubble. For 30 days (23.07.2023 - 23.08.2023), Visibubble shared Tomi’s message in 50 Kaufland stores in Romania. 

Here’s what Tomi shared: 

Festival at your house

Win 10.000 euros and kick up the volume at the party

+ 60 audio wireless headphones JBL

Take a look at how the campaign looked: 

Ardealul’s brand activation

Ardealul is another well-known brand from Orkla. This brand is known for its laid-back attitude. For this campaign, Orkla wanted to share more about Ardealul’s app that allows shoppers to win prizes. 

For 30 days (15.07.2023-15.08. 2023), Visibubble attracted shoppers' attention towards Ardealul products in 33 Auchan stores in Romania. 

Here’s how the campaign looked: 



Visibubble shared Ardealul’s message with customers in-store: 

Great people, download the app and win with ease

Well, just take your phone out and download the app

Ioi, download the app for great prizes

LEGO’s in-store advertising campaign

LEGO is known for its creativity so it’s not hard to see why it chose Visibubble for its campaign in-store. To promote its DREAMZzz products, LEGO implemented a campaign with Tokinomo Visibubble in 33 Auchan and 17 Noriel stores for 1 month (15.07.2023 - 15.08.2023)

Take a sneak peek at the campaign: 


This is the message Visibubble shared with shoppers in the stores:  




Here anything is possible

Welcome to the magical world of dreams.

Auchan’s promotional campaign

Auchan wanted to promote its private-label brand of coffee in-store. To do it in a creative way, the retailer tested out Visibubble. The campaign was implemented in 1 Auchan store for 30 days by Tokinomo’s distributor IPP Romania. 

This is how the campaign looked: 


Visibubble shared Auchan Coffee’s message and delighted the customers: 

Mexican coffee "de su madre" at your house

With Nespresso-compatible capsules that are biodegradable.

Visibubble - Creative, compact, customizable, and easy on the budget

If you are looking for a great POP display to promote your products that will be both effective and budget-friendly, then Visibubble is the perfect solution for you. Combine the online and the offline environments and engage shoppers at the point of sale. 

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