Retailer Auchan skyrockets sales for coffee

Retailer Auchan skyrockets sales for private label coffee

One of the main benefits for retailers when partnering with Tokinomo is the ability to use the in-store marketing robots to promote their private labels. For French retailer Auchan, this pilot campaign using Tokinomo was a test to prove the capabilities of our robots in terms of shopping experience and sales impact. 

Challenge: changing consumers' preferences in a high-loyalty category: coffee.

Oh, this is going to be tricky. How can you increase sales exponentially in a category where consumers have so precise preferences? After all, your favorite brand of coffee is your favorite brand of coffee. Why change it if you're using it daily for years and you love it so much? 

Well, maybe there is a way. And it involves innovation, technology, and a lot of creativity. 

Auchan Tradizione coffee compliments shoppers in the aisle

We cannot stress enough how important the brand's message is in achieving outstanding results when using Tokinomo. Auchan made sure to reach out to shoppers in a memorable way, by creating interactive audio messages that complimented shoppers and made them smile.

Hello, you look gorgeous today. You should invite yourself to a coffee! 


Auchan also relied on humor to unwind shoppers and make them connect to their brand. 

Stop, stop, stop right there! If you're looking for the perfect coffee, here I am! If you're not looking for the perfect coffee, then whatever you are looking for it's just a waste of time!

Or, one of the audience favorites: 

Mmmm, do I smell coffee? Freshly roasted, delicious coffee? Where is it coming from? Oh,'s me. Sorry!

The creative audio messaging allows the product to turn into a storyteller and have his own unique personality. That's how the emotional connection with the shopper is built, which leads to customer acquisition and improved sales. Speaking of...

Sales impact: +841%. Really. 

Mix a unique technology with creativity and inspiration and you get...SALES. Tradizione coffee reached an outstanding +841% increase in sales in just 2 weeks through shopper engagement, not price cuts. Which is ultimately the philosophy behind Tokinomo. Price cuts lead to an erosion of the brand's perceived image over time. In turn, Tokinomo has a positive impact and generates brand attachment and loyalty. 

Customer acquisition checked. 

With over 800% increase in sales, it is fair to say that Auchan managed to get new customers and generate trial amongst shoppers. For a private label, this is essential, as it is competing with top FMCG brands who are investing way more in different types of advertising. 

With Tokinomo, you are reaching the perfect audience: shoppers in search of coffee. In terms of targeting, it couldn't get better than this. Engaging with them in this precise point of their customer journey is essential to closing a sale and Auchan proved they know how to do it. 

How did shoppers react? 

To reach such an outstanding increase in sales means you really impressed shoppers. check own below an extended video of the customers' reactions to Auchan's in-store activation using Tokinomo robots. 


Smiling, responding to the product, talking to it, or calling your friends to check it out are just some of the typical reactions in Tokinomo's activations. Filming it and sharing it on social media is a huge benefit for the brand as it generates free media exposure. 

Happy start, happy end. 

Not really an end, in fact. We might call it a new beginning if we think about our partnership with Auchan. This pilot campaign and the one for their private label of milk convinced them that Tokinomo is an innovative solution to be included in the portfolio of an innovative retailer. Such as Auchan. 

Tiberiu Danetiu, Margeting Director Auchan Romania:

We had the pleasure of implementing Tokinomo campaigns and we thought their brand activation solution is very innovative and efficient. Since then, we did several campaigns for Auchan’s private labels and for our suppliers’ brands, and the results have been remarkable: impressive sales lifts during the activations and a great experiential impact on the customers. We will continue to develop modern in-store activation solutions and we are happy Tokinomo is one of them.