Nivea’s in-store brand activation leads to an amazing sales increase

Want to add a bit of innovation to your product’s campaign? This is exactly what Beiersdorf wanted to do for Nivea Deo Spray in Ecuador. In this case study, we are going to show you how can promote your products in an innovative way.

Personal care products can be innovative in-store

Antiperspirants, deodorant spray, stick, or cream. These are some of the most used personal care products that can be found in supermarkets. The global deodorant market size was valued at USD 22.54 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 30.76 billion by 2026. 

Also, this is a really competitive product category with many powerful players. This is why Beiersdorf wanted a powerful, innovative in-store campaign for its product: Nivea Deo Spray Sensation. 

Nivea’s Objectives: Brand awareness, engagement, and purchase

Since the deodorant market is competitive, Nivea wanted to promote its product in-store in an innovative, creative, and attractive way. Nivea set out this campaign with the following objectives:

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Attract shoppers
  • Increase sales

In-store activation with robotic POP display

When it comes to personal care products, customers rarely change the brand or product. This comes to show, once again, that Nivea needed an eye-catching campaign to attract shoppers. This campaign took place in two stores in Ecuador: Gran Aki Solanda and Gran Aki San Francisco. For 30 days from March to April 2021, Tokinomo gave life to Nivea Deo Spray Satin Sensation in the Ecuadorian stores. 

An impressive product deserves an impressive campaign and that is exactly what Tokinomo offered Nivea. 


Increase brand awareness

Shoppers were thrilled to see a deodorant talking to them in-store. Of course, this led to an increase in brand awareness. Now, people from Ecuador are definitely going to remember Nivea. 

With the help of a simple, yet effective message, Nivea showed how its deodorant can help customers:

“At Nivea, we’ve created a unique recipe with vitamin C and 100% natural Avocado extract that protects you for 48 hours and recovers the natural nuance of your skin. Nivea Satin Sensation is a revolutionary recipe from Nivea, not just a simple formula.”

Attracted the attention of shoppers

As you might expect, a deodorant that moved and talked in the store managed to attract and engage shoppers at the point of sale. Over 40% of the people who passed the Tokinomo robot that gave life to the Nivea deodorant interacted with the product. 

124% increase in sales with no price reduction in Gran Aki Solanda

An amazing result for a great campaign in-store. With the help of Tokinomo and a well-planned campaign, Nivea managed to increase sales by 124% in one of the stores, Gran Aki Solanda. The comparison was made with the previous year. 

59% increase in sales in Gran Aki San Francisco

As for the other store where the campaign was held, Nivea saw an increase in sales of over 59% in the 30 days of the campaign. 

What did Nivea think about this campaign?

With the help of Tokinomo, Nivea managed to achieve all of its goals regarding Nivea Deo Spray’s campaign: 

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Up to 124% increase in sales
  • Engaged shoppers at the point of sale

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