Your in-store marketing

Since we’re on a mission to make the lives of trade marketers around the world better, we’ve created an extensive encyclopedia of in-store marketing tools, techniques and tactics to help you navigate easier through the deep waters of your profession. Click on each letter to discover definitions, examples and insights brought to you by Tokinomo.  

The net profit is the total profit of your business for a period of time after you’ve subtracted all of the expenses. You can also calculate the net profit by subtracting indirect costs, taxes, and expenses from gross profit. 
In retail, a never-out list is a special list that contains all of the best-selling products that the store should always have in stock. Unlike the regular stock plan, the never-out list only contains products that are sought after by customers and that are sold really quickly. This is why retailers usually have a big stock of these products, to ensure that they are always available for customers. 
Stores that practice niche retailing only focus on a category of products. For example, stores that only sell shoes instead of combining multiple products. Since they focus on a category of products, these retailers also add some complementary products that are necessary. For a shoe store, the retailer can also integrate show wax or insoles.