Your in-store marketing

Since we’re on a mission to make the lives of trade marketers around the world better, we’ve created an extensive encyclopedia of in-store marketing tools, techniques and tactics to help you navigate easier through the deep waters of your profession. Click on each letter to discover definitions, examples and insights brought to you by Tokinomo.  

A value proposition is the core of your brand in one single sentence. The value proposition should answer the question “Why your product?”. It should show the benefits of the product and how it can help customers in their life. Apart from stating the benefits, your value proposition should convince shoppers to buy your product.  The value proposition is the first thing people encounter when researching your brand and products. 
Video walls are a group of screens tiled together that form a large display surface. These video walls can be used to display any image or video to promote or to inform customers inside stores.
Visual merchandising is the practice of designing and displaying merchandise in a certain way in a brick and mortar store. The idea behind visual merchandising is to optimize the presentation of products to engage with shoppers.  Visual merchandising helps retailers create an appealing environment for customers to purchase more products. 
Voice marketing is a type of marketing in which brands and businesses use live or recorded audio to engage with customers. In-stores, voice marketing can be considered the overhead music and the use of in-store robots like Tokinomo that can transmit a voice message.