Your in-store marketing

Since we’re on a mission to make the lives of trade marketers around the world better, we’ve created an extensive encyclopedia of in-store marketing tools, techniques and tactics to help you navigate easier through the deep waters of your profession. Click on each letter to discover definitions, examples and insights brought to you by Tokinomo.  

Webrooming is the practice of researching products online and going to the store to purchase them. Shoppers like to find out everything there is to know about a product and then go to the store to see it and to purchase it.  This is the opposite of showrooming, where people see the products in-store, but buy them online. 
Wholesale refers to two different business models. The first one is a business that buys products in bulk, at a smaller price, directly from the manufacturer and then sells them to the end customer. Wholesale can also refer to businesses that produce their own products and then sell them in bulk to retailers which then sell to the end customer. 
A wobbler is a type of POS display used for promotions and in-store marketing campaigns to promote products. The shelf wobbler is placed right at the shelf, wobbling off the shelf. This is how it got the name because it is not placed on the shelf steadily and it can move freely. 
Word-of-mouth marketing or word-of-mouth advertising is a type of marketing that is performed by the customer instead of the brand or the retailer. When a customer enjoys your product they will recommend it to their friends and family.