Your in-store marketing

Since we’re on a mission to make the lives of trade marketers around the world better, we’ve created an extensive encyclopedia of in-store marketing tools, techniques and tactics to help you navigate easier through the deep waters of your profession. Click on each letter to discover definitions, examples and insights brought to you by Tokinomo.  

Hardlines, also known as hard goods, are solid products that can’t be bent and heavier. On the opposite side, there are soft goods which, as expected, are soft and pliable. Some products that are considered hardlines are electronics, furniture, and appliances. Softlines include clothes, bedding, curtains, and towels. 
High-speed retail is a retail approach that focuses on serving customers faster. It’s the fast-food version of retail if you’d like. So, instead of having customers stay in your store for hours on end, you can think of faster and more efficient sales techniques.