Retail robots have arrived, and they’re here to stay. And no, we’re not talking about the scenario of a science fiction movie, we’re just looking at how the retail industry has evolved over the past years and what’s next for it.
Over the past decades, not much has changed in the retail world when it comes to techniques used to increase sales. Same-old in-store marketing methods, as well as somewhat boring merchandising tricks, just to slightly boost sales.
Business would be a lot easier if there was a GPS or some app that would show us where is that thin, invisible border between being relevant and totally annoying to our customers. How many of you would buy it?
There's no need to read the title twice, you got it right from the first time, and we didn't make a mistake.
As consumer demands become greater and customer loyalty gets harder to earn, it becomes more and more important for brands to enhance their in-store marketing to attract customers and offer them a fantastic experience. Here are a handful of ways to create the ultimate shopper experience.