Year in Review 2023: Tokinomo’s news, awards, and best campaigns

2023 marked a year of unparalleled achievement for Tokinomo, characterized by groundbreaking innovations, influential participation in key events, and notable recognition in the retail marketing sphere.

Let’s see what happened this year for Tokinomo!

Product Innovation: Visibubble Launch

This year, Tokinomo unveiled Visibubble, a revolutionary product designed to transform in-store customer engagement. Visibubble embodies Tokinomo's dedication to innovation, offering an interactive and unique advertising experience that elevates retail marketing standards.

Visibubble offers an economical and adaptable point-of-purchase display solution, enabling brands to engage effectively with customers right at the store shelf. This is achieved through an embedded QR code that, when scanned by shoppers, directs them to a brand-specific landing page. On this page, brands have the opportunity to provide additional product information, announce contests, or even employ an AI chat function for direct interaction with consumers.

Key Events and Participation

In-Store Disrupt 2023 (Online Event Organized by Tokinomo)

In-store Disrupt 2023, an event powered by Tokinomo, was a significant highlight of the year. This online event brought together the retail community to explore exceptional customer experiences across various channels, including in-store, online, omnichannel, and multichannel. It served as a platform for sharing insights, connecting with leading brands and retailers, and unveiling special product launches. The event was a rallying point for the industry's brightest minds to exchange secrets of success and offer glimpses into the future of retail.

EuroShop 2023

At EuroShop 2023, the world's premier retail trade fair held in Düsseldorf, Tokinomo took a prominent stage. The event, known for facilitating the evolution of modern stores through the latest technologies, was an ideal venue for Tokinomo to display its innovative prowess. CEO Ionut Vlad delivered an insightful speech, emphasizing Tokinomo's commitment to enhancing retail experiences through technology. EuroShop, with its diverse focus areas from shop fitting to store design, offered a global platform for Tokinomo to showcase its visionary products.

Food Retailers Association Congress

The Food Retailers Association Congress, under the theme "100 Percent Retail," focused on the retail sector's critical role in bolstering the economy. Held in a hybrid format in Istanbul, the event commemorated the centenary year of the Republic of Turkey. Tokinomo’s involvement in this congress was significant, engaging with key players from the food retail industry and contributing to discussions on production and supply chain innovations.

Plus Scope Conference

Plus Scope, formerly known as Retail Plus, is a major player in the Turkish retail industry. At the Plus Scope Conference, the company demonstrated Tokinomo's Shelfobot and introduced Visibubble for the first time in Turkey. This event showcased Plus Scope's technological and operational expertise and how it complements Tokinomo's innovative solutions, reinforcing their joint impact on the retail sector.

Progresiv ReTech Event

At the Progresiv ReTech & Digital event, Tokinomo stood out as a leader in retail marketing technology. The event was a hub for exploring the latest trends in retail and digital innovation. Tokinomo captivated the audience with a brand activation for Peroni Romania, featuring its hero product, Tokinomo Shelfobot, and offering a sneak peek of Visibubble. The event was a testament to Tokinomo's influence in shaping the future of retail technology.

Retail Innovation Showcase 2023

Shopper360 presented the Retail Innovation Showcase (RIS) 2023, a dynamic event inspired by the learnings from Euroshop 2023, the world's leading retail trade fair in Germany. RIS focused on demonstrating how groundbreaking innovations witnessed at Euroshop could be adapted to revolutionize the retail experience globally. This event was a gathering point for innovators and thinkers, providing insights into how retail experiences can be transformed to captivate and engage consumers more effectively.

In-Store Asia Trade Fair 2023

Tokinomo marked its presence at In-Store Asia Trade Fair, held from June 1st to June 3rd, 2023. Partnering with Classic Display Systems Private Limited, Tokinomo showcased its innovative Point of Sale Materials (POSM) solutions. 

In-Store Asia, the largest trade fair in the Indian subcontinent for retail resources, store design, visual merchandising, and in-store marketing, attracted over 4,500 attendees, including retailers, consultants, and manufacturers. The event served as an extensive platform for networking and sharing knowledge, addressing current retail trends in India and globally. It also hosted the VM&RD Retail Design Awards & VM Challenge, celebrating outstanding achievements in visual merchandising and retail design.

Trade Marketing Congress - Piata

The Trade Marketing Congress "Magnetism de brand," organized by Piata magazine, was another noteworthy event in the retail calendar. Tokinomo’s CEO, Ionut Vlad, delivered a speech on Retail Trends and Innovations, contributing valuable insights to the discussions. The event, held in Bucharest on March 7th, brought together hundreds of retail professionals to explore the theme of brand magnetism. Piata magazine, a key player in the Romanian retail industry, facilitated this gathering, offering a platform for retailers, distributors, and suppliers to delve into recent trends and gain industry insights from expert speakers and specialists.

Awards and Recognitions for Tokinomo in 2023

2023 proved to be another landmark year for Tokinomo, not only in terms of its groundbreaking contributions to the retail sector but also in garnering prestigious accolades that recognized its innovative spirit and impactful campaigns.

Creative Retail Awards 2023

Tokinomo, already celebrated for its retail marketing prowess, continued its streak of excellence by being shortlisted for the esteemed Creative Retail Awards 2023. This recognition follows its remarkable success in 2022, where Tokinomo won two awards, notably for the "Maggi Singing Soup Pot" campaign. The nomination this year was for the captivating "Fanta Misterio" campaign, which brought a Halloween-themed, interactive retail experience to life. 

This campaign transformed shopping aisles into a virtual haunted house, thrilling customers and significantly boosting Fanta's sales. The Creative Retail Awards, known for celebrating the best in retail design and experience, recognized the "Fanta Misterio" campaign as a paradigm of creativity and innovation in retail marketing.

Convrt Award for Innovation in Retail Experience

The accolades for Tokinomo extended further with the Convrt Award for Innovation in Retail Experience, celebrating the innovative "Fanta Misterio" campaign conducted at Dalben Supermercados in Brazil. This award underlines Tokinomo's commitment to enhancing the in-store experience, elevating brand awareness, and driving sales.

 The campaign's success was bolstered by the collaborative efforts with Creative Display, Tokinomo’s partner in Brazil. Creative Display's expertise and history of award-winning campaigns, including a POPAI Award for a previous campaign implemented with Tokinomo Shelfobot, played a crucial role in the execution and success of the "Fanta Misterio" campaign. 

The Convrt Award serves as a testament to Tokinomo Shelfobot's innovative impact in the retail sector, proving its effectiveness in creating memorable and engaging customer experiences.

Tokinomo's Best Campaigns in 2023: A Year of Creative Retail Marketing

2023 was a year of exceptional campaigns for Tokinomo, marked by innovation, creativity, and significant consumer engagement. These campaigns showcased how Tokinomo's cutting-edge technology like Shelfobot and Visibubble can transform in-store promotions.

Bauli's Launch Campaign with Tokinomo Shelfobot

Bauli, for the launch of its new croissant range featuring a Pistachio flavor and 50% more filling, partnered with dunnhumby to create an engaging campaign using Tokinomo Shelfobot. This campaign, executed in the Carrefour Hypermarket in Assago, Milan, brought the Bauli croissants to life right at the point of purchase. The Shelfobot conveyed enticing messages to shoppers, introducing them to the new Pistachio croissant in a novel and engaging manner.

Creative product Launch for Peroni 

A new successful product launch powered by Tokinomo’s Shelfobot! Customers were introduced to Peroni Capri for the first time through an interactive experience and a creatively designed summer setup that transported them to the stunning beaches of Capri, Italy.

IPP, our trusted partner in Romania, was the agency that implemented such an inspiring campaign. At ReTech & Digital, Ionut Vlad, Tokinomo’s CEO showcased this creative campaign. 


First Campaigns Implemented with Visibubble

Visibubble, a recent innovation by Tokinomo, made a significant impact in Romania through four pilot campaigns for renowned brands: Orkla (Tomi and Ardealul), LEGO (DREAMZzz line), and Auchan Coffee.

Tomi’s In-store Promotion by Orkla

 A 30-day campaign in 50 Kaufland stores used Visibubble to promote Tomi ketchup, highlighting a festive offer with monetary prizes and JBL headphones.

Ardealul’s Brand Activation

This campaign in 33 Auchan stores for 30 days focused on promoting Ardealul’s app for winning prizes. Visibubble effectively attracted customer attention to Ardealul products. 

LEGO’s In-Store Advertising Campaign

To promote its DREAMZzz products, LEGO utilized Visibubble in 33 Auchan and 17 Noriel stores for a month. The campaign created an immersive experience, inviting customers into the magical world of dreams.

Auchan’s Promotional Campaign for Private-Label Coffee

Auchan tested Visibubble in one of its stores for 30 days to promote its private-label coffee brand. The campaign featured messages about Mexican coffee and biodegradable Nespresso-compatible capsules. 

Seasonal campaign for Chupa Chups

Another great campaign implemented in 2023 was the one for Halloween for Chupa Chups. These beloved candies brand manages to offer an immersive experience in stores in India thanks to Tokinomo Shelfobot and our partner, Classic Display Systems. 



New partners in 2023

Here, at Tokinomo, community is everything. This is why we want to thank all of our partners for putting Shelfobot and Visibubble in the spotlight in 2023. Also, we would like to introduce the partners that joined us in the last year: 

  • 4 Pap from the Czech Republic
  • Artmood from Azerbaijan
  • Avante from Canada
  • Bindweld from Australia
  • Boozedrinks from Portugal
  • Buzz from Palestine,
  • Attention from Jordan
  • ISB technologies from Malta
  • Coral Media from India
  • Globlinq from Pakistan
  • I Vision from Lebanon
  • Innotec 360  from Costa Rica
  • IQ Solution from UAE and Qatar
  • Shopper360 from Singapore, Malaysia, and Myanmar

As you can see, Tokinomo has an international community. Want to see if there’s a Tokinomo partner in your country? Discover all of our partners

See you in 2024!

The year 2023 was a milestone for Tokinomo, marked by significant product launches, impactful participation in industry events, and accolades recognizing its innovation in retail marketing. These achievements reflect Tokinomo's unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the retail experience and its status as a leader in the industry. 

As we step into 2024, if you want to discover the power of Tokinomo’s creative POP displays, Visibubble and Shelfobot, get in touch. Book a call if you want to start the new year right.

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