In-store audio marketing: Speak the language of your shoppers

Innovation seems to be the main focus of retail businesses in the last few years. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to change old marketing strategies have impacted the channels and strategies used by retailers to promote their stores and products. However, innovation doesn’t mean completely forgetting about old channels or strategies, it means constantly improving and upgrading. 

In this article, we are going to focus on audio marketing. While it might seem like an old-school marketing medium, audio marketing is making a strong comeback. That’s why retailers should include it in their strategy and find out how to “speak the language of their shoppers”. 

What is audio marketing?

Audio marketing (or voice marketing) refers to the practice of producing and sharing audio content to attract and engage shoppers. From the 1920s radio to Siri and Alexa speakers, audio marketing has suffered some changes. However, with the rise in popularity of smart speakers, audio marketing is a strategy that shouldn’t be left out. 

Podcasts along with audiobooks seem to gain more popularity as we speak. Businesses that promote their product online have a lot of opportunities to use audio marketing in their strategies. Let’s see how physical retailers can include in-store audio tactics in their strategy. 

In-store audio marketing tactics

Brick and mortar retailers also have different audio marketing tactics that they can include in their strategy to delight their shoppers in-store. 

Overhead messaging

The voice-over messaging that is broadcast in a location is known as overhead messaging. This is an important tactic that retailers should take advantage of. While shoppers are bombarded with banners, displays, and colorful campaigns, there aren’t a lot of messages that state the current promotions. 

Retailers can use this channel to promote their latest products, make announcements, and remind customers of their promotions. 

Overhead music

While it might not be a marketing tactic per se, overhead music is a great tool to set the mood. The type of music used in a store can impact how shoppers buy, how fast they move, and the perception of your brand. 

Digital signage audio

The sounds associated with videos played by digital displays in-store are also important. They need to be chosen carefully and they need to not interfere with the overhead music or messaging. 

Robotic POSM audio

Tokinomo, the robotic POSM for in-store marketing, combines audio, motion, and light to attract and interact with customers. It’s a marketing channel that makes products come to life in the store. The messages used in the campaign can engage shoppers and make them want to buy those products. 


Include in-store audio marketing in your strategy

You might be wondering why audio marketing is an important part of the retailer strategy. Well, this type of marketing comes with many benefits. 

The sound inside a store influences how shoppers feel, act, and shop

People enjoy or dislike a certain song or sound. However, overhead music in-store has a different impact. It’s not just about liking or disliking a song. Studies show that listening to music has various effects on people: 

  • It can improve the mood
  • It can make people feel engaged or removed from the world
  • It can activate certain emotional triggers

By using different types of music in your store, you can set out the mood and influence how your customers shop. For example, fast-tempo music makes people shop faster, while slow-tempo music can make people spend more time in your store, slowly browsing for what they want to buy. 

Audio in-store is not just for shoppers

Your employees are also exposed to the sounds and the music in your store. This means that their mood is also impacted by the selection of music. Upbeat music seems to make employees more productive and also improve their mood. This will eventually translate into the customer service they provide for your shoppers. 

Speak the language of your shoppers

Audio marketing might seem like an old-fashioned option, but with the best of new technology, it is a great way to reach your shoppers. Include audio marketing in your retail strategy if you want to influence the shopping experience and the purchasing decision of your customers. 

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