Shopper Marketing Weekly Snacks #03

Let’s get physical!

Activations and festivals are back! Absolutely! Who didn’t miss festivals?!? You know, those places where it is ok to drink at any time of the night or day. Well, Absolut knows how to take advantage of an opportunity and that’s why the brand was present at Coachella 2022 💃🏻. Absolut will be running an experience for in-person festival attendees as well as a metaverse experience in Decentraland, aptly named Absolut.

Is the future online-only? Not really. Since the Pandemic hit, everybody is talking about the future of retail and whether or not physical locations are going to be a thing of the past. Well, apparently, the good old store 🏪 still has a few tricks up its sleeve. Physical retail is not dead and it is continuously innovating. 

Sales in-store are on the rise. It seems that once vaccines were widely available, people couldn’t wait to get back to the store 🏬 to purchase their favorite products. Bernstein Research analyst Mark Shmulik said: “That muscle memory doesn’t just switch off because you were forced to buy things online a couple of times during a pandemic.”

Making the (retail) world a better place

Don’t waste it! Food waste is one of the biggest issues we are facing at the moment. Retailers generate 10.5M tons of surplus food 🥦, nearly 35% of which goes to landfills or is incinerated as waste. Grocery delivery firm, Getir, plans to donate more products to those in need to reduce food waste. That’s why they partnered up with Copia, a technology provider that connects food donations to local nonprofits. 

No more plastic. In an effort to eliminate single-use plastic and reduce pollution, Boots announced that they are no longer selling wet wipes that contain plastic fibers. All wipes will have plant-based alternatives 🍀 for a more sustainable approach. 

Experts know best

Impact on retail. Doug Stephens, aka the Retail Prophet, talks about how the retail industry is going to be impacted by various issues, including the pandemic and climate change. 

Store’s worth during the pandemic. About 50,000 stores will close in the US by 2026. However, back in April 2021, it was predicted that more than 80.000 stores will close by 2026 according to UBS. Have stores shown their worth during the pandemic? In Retail Wire’s discussion, James Tenser shared his thoughts on the matter. 



Campaign scoop

Pin that booze. 86% of users mentioned that they use Pinterest for inspiration on what to drink🍹. Considering this, Jameson decided to collaborate with Pinterest for a color takeover partnership. Now, Jameson shines brighter with its vibrant orange label. 

National Recycling League. What does recycling ♻️ have to do with professional sports? A lot, or at least that’s what Anheuser-Busch shows us in its latest commercial. A multi-sport coalition led by Anheuser-Busch to eliminate beer packaging waste from professional sports. Recycle and enjoy the game!

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