Dump Bins

Dump Bins

Dump bins are open display containers that can be filled with different kinds of products, smaller or larger, that the customer can grab. Dump bins are made from cardboard and they are usually quite lightweight, which also gives them flexibility. They can be quickly filled with different products, and they are most often used for promotional purposes, as well as displaying products specific to a season.

Why Is It important?

Dump bins increase visibility, and thus, sales. Even though they are mostly used when there’s an ongoing promotion, unsold stock, or season-related display, they can also be used for larger amounts of products, such as candy bars. Candy bars can be “dumped” in the bin and occupy less space on the shelf. Besides, this kind of display can also persuade the customer to buy more.

Dump bins are also eco-friendly and they are also a cheap, yet still effective alternative.

Examples Of Dump Bin Displays

Dump bins don’t necessarily follow a pattern in terms of how they look or what they can hold.

The first example is related to a dump bin for snacks – if you are selling Goldfish snacks, you can customize your dump bin to look like a Goldfish and stack it up with your product.

In the case of a promotion, your dump bin can contain a message that signals the fact that there’s a “2 for the price of 1” promotion or any other, for that matter. You can also place multiple types of products in the dump bin, depending on what you want to sell: if we’re talking Cheetos, you can either mix the flavors in the dump bin or arrange them based on color or flavor.

There is also the case of metallic dump bins, where you can find the discounted products. The products placed in the metallic dump bin don’t follow a certain rule – it will depend entirely on the store what products they decide to add a discount to.