Dynamic Clustering

Dynamic Clustering

What is dynamic clustering?

Dynamic clustering is all about creating patterns and opportunities in various segments in order to create the best strategies for each cluster. Let’s take a simple example. You have a big retail chain and you have stores in the US, in different states and cities. Customers from New York are quite different compared to shoppers from Boston. However, with dynamic clustering, you will be able to spot similarities in trends and patterns from all the stores in which you sell.

Dynamic clustering is a great option for online stores that have a great amount of data available from their customers. By data-mining, dynamic clusters are created and it helps you discover development opportunities in certain parts of the country or even the world. 


Why is dynamic clustering important? 

Dynamic clustering comes with a lot of benefits for retailers. Apart from offering valuable insights, dynamic clustering helps you: 

  • Gain an overall view of the target market
  • Create better category management and product assortment
  • Save money
  • Grow the customer base
  • Identify trends in real time
  • Maximize profit

Dynamic clustering gives you the structure that you need to fully understand the existing patterns of your customers’ actions. With that, you will be able to develop your sales and pricing strategies.