Over the last two decades, the shopping experience has changed dramatically. With the majority of retailers now having an online presence, including large brands and independent boutiques, buying products over the internet has never been easier.
The 2019 edition of How To Web Conference was the 10th anniversary of it, and the event celebrated by focusing on Better Products and Faster Growth. The conference gathered a wealth of international brands, ranging from Dropbox, Shopify, Booking.com, Uber, Seedcamp, Airbnb, Pinterest, to Google, GrowthHackers, Revolut, Eventbrite, Fitbit, Bitdefender, 2checkout, Omniconvert, just to name a few of the giants that were present.
We are happy to be exhibited in the first temporary Museum of Romanian Advertising and Brands, which can be visited starting with November 8th, at Arcub (Hanul Gabroveni), Bucharest. The gallery takes us on a journey in the history of brands and advertising by showcasing authentic objects like iconic brands, newspapers and magazines, posters, packaging, consumer goods, cosmetics, toys, textiles, electronics and many others. As a 100% Made in Romania start-up and brand, Tokinomo will
If you are looking to increase sales in your store, you will need to boost product visibility. With stiff competition from the e-Commerce market and constant access to smartphones where shoppers can research products online before buying, product visibility in-store can make or break a sale.
The retail sector continues to evolve at breakneck speed. New consumer preferences are forcing the market to adapt in order to survive. Today’s retail innovations are becoming more diverse, and often technology and personalization are part of them.