During the first weeks of November, Tokinomo was exhibited in the first temporary Museum of Romanian Advertising and Brands, which could be visited at Arcub (Hanul Gabroveni), Bucharest The gallery offered visitors an amazing display of old Romanian brands, newspapers, posters, toys, electronics and even an old Mobra motorcycle. A true delight for people who are passionate about vintage products and the history of advertising and marketing. How did Tokinomo fit in? Well, the museum
There’s no denying that the brick and mortar stores are still very much alive, but it’s also true that e-commerce is a huge competitor. Traditional stores now need to work harder to attract and retain their customers, and a big part of that is through improving the customers’ in-store shopping experience. So, here are some things you can do to keep the in-store shopping experience unique, enjoyable and memorable: Loyalty Schemes Loyalty schemes have been
There's no need to read the title twice, you got it right from the first time, and we didn't make a mistake.
Over the last two decades, the shopping experience has changed dramatically. With the majority of retailers now having an online presence, including large brands and independent boutiques, buying products over the internet has never been easier.
The 2019 edition of How To Web Conference was the 10th anniversary of it, and the event celebrated by focusing on Better Products and Faster Growth. The conference gathered a wealth of international brands, ranging from Dropbox, Shopify, Booking.com, Uber, Seedcamp, Airbnb, Pinterest, to Google, GrowthHackers, Revolut, Eventbrite, Fitbit, Bitdefender, 2checkout, Omniconvert, just to name a few of the giants that were present.