Tokinomo's 5-Year Journey: A Trailblazer in Robotic Shelf Advertising

It’s been 5 years since Tokinomo started to rethink retail. 5 years full of innovation, dedication and successful collaborations and campaigns. During this time, Tokinomo has emerged as a trailblazer in the retail marketing landscape, weaving innovation, technology, and sustainability into a tapestry that transforms in-store experiences. Hence, Tokinomo is not merely a provider of robotic displays but a catalyst for change in the retail industry. 

In the span of 5 transformative years, Tokinomo has become a global force, imprinting its innovative mark across 104 countries and 6 continents in the dynamic landscape of retail marketing. The iconic Tokinomo robotic arm, activated a staggering 555.6 million times, symbolizes not just widespread adoption but an unparalleled captivation of audiences worldwide. Beyond numerical milestones, Tokinomo's campaigns have unfolded over 600.000 days, weaving narratives of success and innovation in diverse retail environments. Evolving from a modest team to an expansive network, Tokinomo's adaptability resonates globally, and the company continues to seek partners, inviting collaboration to cover even more countries. This global outreach extends beyond metrics, emphasizing Tokinomo's commitment to fostering connections and reshaping the retail experience on an international scale. 

We are still looking for partners and distributors to cover even more countries! Would you like to become an ambassador in your country? Let’s work together! Book a call with the team.

Production Prowess: Crafting Tokinomo's Robotic Revolution

Behind Tokinomo's success lies a formidable production effort, evident in the astonishing numbers associated with their manufacturing process. The intricate components come together seamlessly, reflecting the precision and dedication invested in creating each Tokinomo device, while the materials that we use underscore the commitment to quality, ensuring the durability and sustainability of our products.

"We used more than 240.000 electrical parts, more than 360.000 screws, over 7 tons of stainless steel, and over 8000 production hours. We exported over the years to 104 countries, with shipments of over 1 million kilometers. This resulted in 600.000 campaign days, with more than 555.6 million activations of the Tokinomo robotic arm."

- Laurentiu Cluve, Head of Logistics, Production and Tech Support & Co-founder, Tokinomo

Engaging Products: Shelfobot and Visibubble - Revolutionizing In-Store Marketing

TK008 Image 2 v1

Shelfobot is a revolutionary shelf advertising robot that revitalizes in-store marketing by making products stand out and enabling unique brand communication at the point of sale. Featuring motion sensors for shopper interaction, a swing arm to bring products forward, LED lighting to highlight products, and the ability to play customized audio messages, Shelfobot creates memorable shopping experiences. It's equipped with wireless connectivity for remote campaign management and data access, ensuring real-time adjustments and performance monitoring for optimal campaign results. See more.


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Visibubble is an innovative in-store advertising tool designed to enhance product promotion directly at the point of sale. This compact device offers customizable messages and colors for brand representation, integrates a shopper detection sensor, and features LED lighting and notification sounds to attract customer attention. It's battery-powered for easy installation anywhere in the store. Visibubble is also an omnichannel, cost-effective, sustainable, and eco-friendly solution, supporting long-term usage and multiple campaigns with materials that reflect environmental consciousness. See more.

Collaborations & Recognition: 450 Brands, 100 Retailers & 10 International Awards

Collaboration lies at the heart of Tokinomo's success, having partnered with 450 brands and implemented campaigns in 100 retailers globally. The company's commitment to excellence is underscored by the receipt of 10 international awards, a testament to the impact and innovation embedded in their marketing solutions.

Henkel Le Chat Study Case     Visibubble Study Cases     Auchan Coffee     Our Work

"Although we started as a Romanian startup, our passion and innovation have transcended national borders, rapidly expanding Tokinomo's presence to over 140 countries worldwide. This achievement not only demonstrates the quality and effectiveness of our solution but also the global demand for innovation and technology in in-store marketing."

- Ionut Vlad, Tokinomo’s CEO

A Vision for the Future: Shaping the Retail Landscape

In just five years, Tokinomo has emerged as a global leader in the intersection of robotics and marketing with 2,500 robots deployed worldwide. The numbers and statistics paint a vivid picture of our commitment to not only disrupt the traditional retail marketing paradigm but to also do so with a global perspective.

This is what and where we are at the moment! What about you? Drop us a message and let's shape the future of retail together!

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