Cleaning Supplies: How to increase sales in a "flat" category

When you are selling a CPG product in-store you know that you have a lot of competitors. While for some “attractive” products you can reside to common in-store promotions to attract the attention of your customers, when it comes to certain categories, it’s more difficult to engage shoppers. 

In this article, we are going to focus on a more challenging category: cleaning supplies. You will find inventive ways to increase sales and delight your shoppers in-store. 

Cleaning supplies - Category Overview

Cleaning supplies is a category of products that include detergents, cleaning sprays, and other cleaning substances used in a household. There are a lot of products that we use to clean our homes, clothes, and other household items. While cleaning products are necessary for every household, this doesn’t mean that customers are excited to go shopping for cleaning supplies. 

This is why it’s a bit more challenging to find a way to attract customers when you are selling a cleaning product. However, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to increase sales for a product in this category. 

In 2021, the average expenditure on laundry and cleaning supplies in the United States amounted to 178.45 U.S. dollars per consumer unit. In comparison, the country's average expenditure on laundry and cleaning supplies amounted to 147.55 U.S. dollars per consumer unit in 2014. 

One of the main reasons why cleaning supplies have seen a rise in “popularity” was the COVID-19 pandemic. People were concerned about viruses and that’s why they’ve started to purchase more disinfectant products, from laundry detergents to hand sanitizer. Spending on this category increased by 34% in 2020

Fortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is no longer a pressing issue and customers’ shopping habits have changed. Shoppers are not as interested in purchasing bleaches and disinfectants in large quantities and sales have been dropping in this category in the last few months. 

If you are selling cleaning products, we have a few tactics that could help you increase sales. 

Tactics to increase sales in-store for this category

Trends are changing, but people still need to wash their clothes and clean their houses. We’ve gathered a few tips and tricks on how you can increase sales in this CPG product category. 

1. Environmentally-friendly

One of the biggest trends that have been changing retail in the last few years was sustainability in retail. Customers want to find products that are biodegradable, green, or made sustainably. In an effort to protect the Planet and still get the same benefits from the products they buy, shoppers expect more from brands. 

If you want to increase sales for your cleaning products, it’s important to focus on sustainability. You can use biodegradable packaging and even include up to 97% vegan/organic products while maintaining the quality and efficiency of your products. 

2. Attractive brand activations

Another way in which you can attract customers’ attention is to implement innovative brand activations in-store. What can it be so inventive about a laundry detergent, you might ask. Well, a talkative laundry detergent might turn more heads compared to a regular one, right? 

With Tokinomo, you can implement creative brand activation campaigns that will surprise customers. Even in this category, campaigns implemented with Tokinomo manage to increase sales by up to 200%.

3. Buy-one-get-one (BOGO) promotions

One of the most traditional in-store promotions still works for this product category. While customers might be reluctant to buy perishable food in bulk, they like to get detergent and other cleaning products in bulk. A buy-one-get-one promotion can be a great way to promote your new laundry softener by offering it for free when customers buy a bottle of laundry detergent. 

Case studies

How these brands managed to increase sales in the cleaning supplies category

1. How Ficosota increased sales by 60% for Semana using Tokinomo robots

Semana is a well-known brand of laundry detergent and fabric softener in Romania. However, Ficosota, Semana’s producer, wanted to make the brand top of mind in-store. That’s why it decided to use an innovative marketing strategy: Tokinomo. 

The campaign took place in 1 Cora store, in Romania. For 23 days, Tokinomo helped promote Semana products in-store. This campaign was a success, considering that the robot was activated over 290,000 times and it led to an increase in sales of 60%. 


If you want to read more about this campaign, here’s a complete case study

2. How Henkel increased sales by 159% for Le Chat using Tokinomo robots

Another campaign that demonstrates Tokinomo’s power is the one for Le Chat Discs. This campaign took place in France, for 3 weeks in 20 Auchan stores. Both Auchan’s and Henkel’s representatives were amazed by the results: a 159% increase in sales

Apart from leading to an astonishing sales lift, this campaign also raised brand awareness and customer engagement at the point of sale. Every day, there were over 2000 interactions with customers in every store. 

Want to discover more about this campaign? Read the full case study.

Sell more, no matter the product category

While cleaning products might not be the most impulse-based purchase category, this doesn’t mean that you can’t introduce some creativity in their campaigns. With Tokinomo’s help, you will be able to engage shoppers and increase sales without price cuts. 

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