Grocery inflation, Black Friday plans, and Higher-income shoppers - Weekly Snacks #29

Campaign corner

Spooky delivery. Is there anything scarier than running out of candy? This Halloween, Uber Eats solves every scary situation, including those times when you manage to eat all of the candy, instead of saving it for the Trick or Treaters. In this spooky video, Uber Eats shows the consequences of running out of sweets.

Where’s the Mac? Everybody likes a good Big Mac. But have you ever wondered where’s the Mac? Kraft is now urging Mcdonald's to add Mac and Cheese to their famous burger. The FMCG brand is asking customers to put pressure on the restaurant to include delicious pasta in the burger.

Tech elevating the retail industry

Content creator platform. Walmart continues to invest in social commerce. The retail giant announced the beta release of the Walmart Creator platform. The portal allows content creators to make a commission on Walmart product links shared on any social media platform. Creators can already apply for beta access. 

Peak earning opportunities. Instacart announced a new feature release. This feature was created for their workers, not shoppers. Instacart will let workers know when and where they can find peak earning opportunities

Digital marketing. New research shows that marketers are going to invest more in Tik Tok, PPC, and TV commercials in 2023. 57 CEOs discussed how much they plan of spending and the best channels for retail marketing in the following months.

Expert advice

More tech. Do retailers need more technology to offer customers a better experience? In one of Retail Wire’s discussions, experts talked about the power of tech in retail. Here’s what Neil Saunders had to say about this topic: 

Neil Saunders quote

Grocery inflation. How can traditional grocers compete with low-priced leaders during inflationary times? In this Retail Wire discussion, experts talked about grocers should differentiate themselves during this pricey period. Here’s Dr. Stephen Needel’s opinion on the subject: 

Stephen Needel quote

Shoppers’ preferences during the holiday season

Black Friday Plans. The biggest day for retail sales is just a month away and retailers are revealing their plans. Considering the rising inflation, more and more people want to take advantage of Black Friday deals to save up money. 

Amazon Prime Day. From Oct. 10th to Oct. 12th Prime members benefited from Early Access Prime Day. Unlike last year, shoppers seemed to prioritize essential items and spend less. 64% of sale shoppers spent less or the same at this event compared to Prime Day in July of this year. 

High-income shoppers. The holiday season is rapidly approaching and research shows that shoppers will be spending less this year, especially on gifts. However, high-income shoppers will also spend less on non-gift purchases. In comparison, low-income shoppers are expected to spend 28% more on non-gift purchases compared to last year. 

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