Semana's In-store brand activation

Semana tries out the most innovative POP display in brand activation

Looking for a new way to promote your products in-store? Ficosota wanted to do the same for their brand, Semana. That is why they chose to implement an in-store brand activation with the help of Tokinomo, the most innovative POP display

Cleaning supplies: a challenging category to promote

Can you influence the brand of laundry detergent or fabric softener a customer purchases? Yes, but it’s a lot harder, considering the fact that cleaning supplies are not the most impulse-based purchases. 

If you were to sell chips, candy, or even beverages, then it would be easier to influence the purchasing decision of shoppers in-store. However, cleaning supplies campaigns don’t really show a big change in sales or even in product awareness. 

When shoppers want to purchase cleaning supplies, they usually pick the first products they see or they stick to the brands they have used before. How can you attract attention and encourage customers to buy your products? With an innovative campaign.

This is exactly what Ficosota did to promote their Semana fabric softener. With a simple, yet attractive in-store brand activation with Tokinomo, they managed to attract the attention of shoppers. Let’s see what they did and what were the results.

Ficosota’s Objectives: Awareness, attention, purchase

While Semana is a well-known brand in Romania, Ficosota wanted to implement a campaign with a robotic POSM to see how it will influence the purchasing decision of customers. Ficosota planned the campaign with these objectives in mind: 

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Increase engagement at the point of sale
  • Lift sales in-store

Brand activation with innovative POSM

Even though cleaning supplies are seen as necessities, that doesn’t mean that their campaigns all need to look dull. To create a more attractive campaign, Ficosota tried out Tokinomo, the most innovative POSM on the market. 

With the help of Tokinomo, Semana shared a message that focused on the pain points of shoppers. The campaign took place in 1 Cora store, in Romania. For 23 days, Tokinomo helped promote Semana products in-store.

Here’s how the campaign looked: 

Attracting the attention of shoppers in-store

While cleaning supplies might not be the most attractive consumer goods products, Semana managed to attract the attention of shoppers in-store with the help of Tokinomo. 

The robot held a product from Semana and made it look as if the product was promoting itself. The clever audio of the campaign stated: Hey! Are your clothes a little depressed? Try Semana, the perfect fabric softening treatment! I will bring them to life after a single washing session! 

Increased shopper engagement in-store

Apart from attracting attention and raising awareness, Tokinomo is a great solution if you want your campaign to increase shopper engagement. This is why Ficosota chose Tokinomo to promote Semana. 

During the campaign, the robot activated and shared Semana’s message 290.199 times

60% increase in sales

The most important achievement? This campaign led to a 60% increase in sales for Semana! It is an amazing result, taking into account the fact that this campaign took place in only one store for 23 days. 

What did Ficosota think about this campaign?

With the help of Tokinomo, Ficosota managed to achieve all of its goals regarding Semana’s campaign: 

  • Attracted attention and increased brand awareness
  • Increased shopper engagement in-store
  • 60% sales increase 

Want to promote a product from a non-attractive category? Choose Tokinomo!

Yes, Tokinomo can attract attention, no matter if your product is an impulse-based purchase or a non-attractive category, like cleaning supplies. Renowned brands use Tokinomo to catch the attention of shoppers and increase sales in-store. Many well-known FMCG brands promoted their products with the help of Tokinomo and you can see more case studies here

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