In-store influencer marketing? Let Danone show you how it’s done!

Danone is definitely an FMCG brand that loves connecting with its customers. That is why they decided to create an influencer marketing campaign with Cláudia Vieira, their brand ambassador in Portugal. 

However, taking into account the social distancing rules and the fact that their brand ambassador can’t be in 10 stores at the same time, they needed to find a better, innovative solution to reach their shoppers. 

Creating a video for Instagram with Vieira? Posting on Facebook a message from the ambassador? What if we’ve told you that they found a way to do an in-store influencer marketing campaign without actually bringing Cláudia Vieira in the stores? 

With the help of Tokinomo, the shelf advertising robot, Danone implemented their in-store brand activation campaign and connected with their shoppers. 

In-store influencer marketing campaigns

Now, with the help of Tokinomo, FMCG brands that want to engage with customers right at the point of purchase can implement their influencer marketing campaigns. Instead of focusing solely on social media, brands need to promote their products on the shelves. 

COVID-19 put a stop to sampling campaigns, retail events, product demos, and any campaign face to face. However, Tokinomo manages to “impersonate” influencers inside the stores. 

We know that influencer marketing campaigns have a great impact on sales and brand loyalty, and that is why most brands rely on them. During these times, brands need to find a better way to engage with their shoppers with the help of influencers. That’s when Tokinomo comes to the rescue. 

Storytelling at the point of purchase

With Tokinomo, you can leverage influencer marketing and use ambassadors as storytellers right at the point of purchase. People love stories and brands can increase brand loyalty with the help of storytelling. However, it is hard to master the art of storytelling in-store because old-school in-store marketing tools don’t allow you to really share a story. 

The voice of the influencer, guided by Tokinomo, will be able to reach shoppers while they are reading the grocery list or scrolling absently on their smartphones. Once their attention is captured, they can listen to a funny story or an emotional one. Don’t forget, storytelling works because it is all about emotions. 

Customers are engaged, products are bought

Because shoppers love both storytelling and influencers, they are engaged when they see a campaign implemented with Tokinomo. The shelf robot is a real showstopper. When customers pass by a product advertised with Tokinomo 50% of them notice the product, while 30% interact with it either by looking at it, coming closer to listen to the audio message, or taking a product off the shelf to learn more about it.  

Since they are attracted, they end up buying more, 10 times more to be exact. Regular in-store promotional campaigns increase sales by 20% while a campaign implemented with Tokinomo increases sales by over 200% without any price cuts. 

Amaze your customers with great in-store influencer marketing like Danone did in Portugal. Tokinomo is a new marketing channel that any brand should use to promote their vision and their products inside brick and mortar stores. 

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