Henkel made Le Chat “scratch” 159% more sales in Auchan, France

What better way to amaze customers than to bring something new to the table (or should we say shelf)? Shoppers in Auchan stores in France were astonished by their favorite laundry detergent, Le Chat. No, it didn’t meow (yet), but it did talk to them. 

Henkel, one of the world’s largest consumer-goods manufacturers implemented their most recent brand activation campaign with Tokinomo advertising robots.

For 3 weeks, shoppers in Auchan stores in France could see Le Chat detergent move and talk with them. Apart from drawing attention to the product and increasing sales, Tokinomo helps brands like “Le Chat” increase brand awareness and loyalty. 

Henkel, with the help of Tokinomo’s distributor Optimark, implemented their campaign for Le Chat in 20 Auchan stores in France. 

The purpose of the campaign was to attract customers to the detergent aisle, an aisle that is not too full on a daily basis. Also, Henkel wanted to differentiate Le Chat from the competitors. 

Increase shopper engagement with Tokinomo

Shoppers were curious to discover how the laundry detergent started to talk to them. For 3 weeks, there were curious looks, laughter, and smiles on the detergent aisles in all 20 Auchan stores. Le Chat and Tokinomo managed to delight the shoppers with fun marketing messages.

Every day, in each Auchan store, more than 2000 people interacted with Le Chat, stopped to look, and even talked back to the product. 

Customers were not the only ones that were amazed by the campaign. Staff members from both Henkel and Auchan were glad to see how much of a showstopper Tokinomo is. 

We were talking a few years ago about re-enchanting the hypermarket, and today we still have the same focus, so this is something very amusing which also generates great results.” - Hervé Guépéroux, Commercial Manager Auchan

Increase sales by 159% - for non-impulse products

Customers did more than just talk to the product, they also bought the product. 159% more products were purchased during the 3-week campaign. Henkel managed to sell more, Auchan amazed the shoppers, and Tokinomo engaged with customers. 

The best part about the increase in sales? Henkel didn’t even need to cut the price. 

While most POS displays can increase sales by 20%, Tokinomo manages to increase them  for an average of 200% across categories during a campaign. Since Tokinomo offers amazing experiences, shoppers  remember the brand name and interact with the product which leads to an increase in sales in the  weeks after the campaign. 

“I would say that by using Tokinomo, Le Chat is like a cat that took out its claws, which are shaped like discs.” - Christelle Vérité; Category Manager Henkel

Le Chat took out its claws for the first time, but it won’t be the last

Le Chat is one of the first products promoted with Tokinomo in France and the results speak for themselves. Thanks to Optimark, our distributor in France, more FMCG brands can stay on top of the competition and engage with shoppers in stores. 

Want to see how Tokinomo can help your brand increase sales and brand loyalty? Drop us a line and we’ll get in touch. 

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