In-store advertising trends to follow in 2021

In-store advertising trends need to be followed because it’s getting harder and harder to attract and engage customers. Retailers and brands are looking for new ways to entertain shoppers and make the most out of their shopping experience. 

Nowadays, customers are not looking for their next purchase, they are looking for their next experience. Statistics show that shoppers will pay good money for an experience and less for a simple product. But how can you make the best of both worlds? By offering shoppers both: amazing experiences while they shop for products. 

In-store advertising is a great way in which you can combine the simple act of buying products and living an experience. 

While people are getting tired of seeing ads all over the Internet, they miss them inside the brick and mortar shops. Old-school in-store advertising tactics are not longer enough to please the highly demanding customers. 

But what exactly do we mean when we say in-store advertising? 

Well, in-store advertising is a form of marketing that focuses on promoting products inside brick and mortar shops or commercial property. Most businesses rely on digital marketing to promote products, even the biggest retails. However, there is a lack of innovation when it comes to in-store tools which leads to shoppers passing by products without making a purchase. 

In-store marketing or advertising helps you increase brand awareness, attract more customers, showcase newly released products, and, of course, lift sales. When it is done right, in-store advertising can also lead to word-of-mouth marketing which means your customers will become your biggest promoters. 

When they receive an unforgettable experience, people tend to share it with their family, friends, and if you are lucky, with their social media followers. 

Just like in fashion, technology or music, in-store advertising also has trends and you better look out for them because they go out of style quickly! 

Why do you need to follow trends? 

Well, it’s simple: People are always looking for the next new and shiny thing. Here enter trends. People love to try something that is trending, just look on social media. It seems like everybody has tried different trendy challenges. Also, when it comes to technology, customers love to purchase the newest smartphone, try out the best smartwatch, and simply follow up on trends to see what others love. 

Trends give us the feeling of community - When all of us use a certain device that is trending it makes us look and feel a certain way. 

But what does it have to do with in-store advertising? 

Customers are expecting more from brick and mortar shops because they are used to receiving personalized ads from eCommerce platforms.

Also, people love the new. While they like and feel comfortable in their local store because it hasn’t changed for the last 5 years, they still go to the mall, inside the biggest retail store to enjoy the shopping experience. 

Tying up your in-store advertising strategy to the latest trends and events is going to help you engage with customers. Yes, real-time marketing is an option even for brick and mortar shops. 

Top 4 in-store advertising trends to follow in 2021

Now that we’ve established that trends are important and need to be followed, let’s take a look at what to expect from in-store advertising in 2021. 


1. IoT on the rise

Did you know that by 2030 there will be 50 billion IoT devices connected all around the world?

If you are not using - or plan on using - an IoT device, it’s time to do so. Robots like Tokinomo help you bring advantages you only have online inside your store. 

With Tokinomo your in-store advertising will truly delight customers. With the help of light, sound, and motion technology, Tokinomo helps you promote your products and amaze customers. 


Because of its cloud-based platform, you will be able to receive essential data in real-time, whenever you want. You can also change the way it moves, the audio message, and how fast it talks. 

With the help of our in-store advertising robot, you will be able to take advantage of real-time marketing. 


2. Sustainability 


Customers want to buy products from brands that care about the Planet. 60% of people would buy from a brand that focuses on saving the Planet. Sustainability is a pressing issue for most customers. This is why you need to show that your brand or your store cares about the Planet and tries to offer sustainable alternatives. 

This needs to be included in your in-store advertising strategy as well. Show that you are an environmentally friendly brand or that your store tries to cut down its plastic usage. 


3. Personalized experiences

71% of consumers feel frustrated when a shopping experience is impersonal. They are right to feel this way. eCommerce platforms go above and beyond to offer customers a personalized experience and brick and mortar shops should do the same. 

However, due to the lack of customer data, retailers and brands have a hard time when it comes to personalization inside the store. This is why you should try to include IoT devices in your in-store marketing strategy. With Tokinomo you can receive important data that can help you personalize the experience of shoppers.


4. Omnichannel 


Finally, omnichannel marketing is a trend on the rise. It’s important for customers to see the same message on social media as they see in store. 

In-store advertising is not only about POP displays and radio messages inside the store. Your customers are expecting you to reach out to them on different channels. 

Shoppers now want to have the ability to check out offers online and go inside the brick and mortar shop to collect their products. By combining the online environment and the in-store advertising you will offer your customers the best shopping experience they could wish for. 

These are the most important in-store advertising trends you should follow in 2021. If you use Tokinomo, you are already ahead of your competition. If not, find out how you can promote products with our in-store advertising robot.

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