Tokinomo is one of the most disruptive start-ups in Central &Eastern Europe

The 2019 edition of How To Web Conference was the 10th anniversary of it, and the event celebrated by focusing on Better Products and Faster Growth. The conference gathered a wealth of international brands, ranging from Dropbox, Shopify,, Uber, Seedcamp, Airbnb, Pinterest, to Google, GrowthHackers, Revolut, Eventbrite, Fitbit, Bitdefender, 2checkout, Omniconvert, just to name a few of the giants that were present.

Tokinomo had the pleasure to be invited to How to Web, as it was named one of the most disruptive start-ups in Eastern and Central Europe and a game changer of the industry of Retail Technology, in one of How To Web's reports.

Ionut Vlad, the CEO of Tokinomo, participated in a panel together with 2 other founders of very successful companies to talk about the challenges of growing a start-up and stand out in a sea of competition.

How To Web pointed out perfectly in their report that, from the retail perspective, regular stores will play a lower share in the retail game, in the near future. The focus will turn slowly towards experiential retail, which will offer a different experience to the customers by bringing together various suppliers.

According to How to Web’s report, some of the market needs are the following:

  • Addressing more customers
  • Finding the right marketing and promotion channels
  • Seamless connection between the channels
  • Personalised offers that address individually each customer

Why is Tokinomo different? 

Tokinomo is a marketing solution that has already addressed some of these matters by facilitating an emotional connection between the brands and the customers inside the store. Experiential marketing has crossed the borders of the supermarkets and hypermarkets and has gone beyond sampling and brand activations as they were known until now.

What makes Tokinomo so efficient? Some might say it’s the innovative technology, but we are pretty sure (and we are conducting regular case studies to prove it) that it’s more than that. It’s what you can do through this cutting-edge technology and the way you can deliver your message to your customer at the right time and the right place, directly at the point of sale.

Customization of the messages according to the audience and the channel is also a matter of interest for us. By using Tokinomo, we try to bring inside the stores a new approach towards the consumer. A human approach driven by technological means. This is where the creativity of the messages plays its crucial part.

You can reach the customer using a promotional robot and you’ll get amazing sales figures. But you can reach the customer using a promotional robot to turn your product into a storyteller and create a stronger bond with your audience. That’s when magic really happens and that’s what experiential marketing is all about.

Bringing products to life is what we do best and what greatly impacts sales figures and brand awareness. Tokinomo creates an emotional bridge between the product and the customer. It engages them via conversational messages that focus not only on the benefits of the product, but more importantly on the customer itself, on their real habits, passions and interest. On their real lives and real selves.

There are other innovative technologies available out there, like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Why is Tokinomo different? Because it’s real. The customers interact with the real product, not with an image of it, a hologram, or a cardboard. We like to call this real-reality. We hope you like it too!

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