Tokinomo will be exhibited in the Museum of Romanian Advertising and Brands

We are happy to be exhibited in the first temporary Museum of Romanian Advertising and Brands, which can be visited starting with November 8th, at Arcub (Hanul Gabroveni), Bucharest.

The gallery takes us on a journey in the history of brands and advertising by showcasing authentic objects like iconic brands, newspapers and magazines, posters, packaging, consumer goods, cosmetics, toys, textiles, electronics and many others.

As a 100% Made in Romania start-up and brand, Tokinomo will be exhibited in the contemporary section of the museum and will promote, for demonstration purposes, another iconic Romanian brand. No, we won’t tell you which one. It’s a surprise!

Winner of the big innovation award at RBTE London 2018 (Europe’s most prestigious retail fair), Tokinomo is considered to be one of the most successful start-ups and a game changer in the industry of #retailtech.

Join us at the temporary Museum of Romanian Advertising and Brands to see Tokinomo in action. Don’t miss the chance of watching an iconic Romanian product actually talk to you. We bet you’re gonna like it!

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