The new generation of POS displays in grocery retail

If you run a business, or work within the ever changing world of consumer driven grocery retail, then you’ll know as well as we know that catching your customers attention is more important now than ever before. The biggest obstacle facing retailers in modern day, is the growth and development of online shopping. However, whilst shopping online offers a fast and easy alternative to travelling to your local supermarket, the need for a physical outlet will always remain even though those numbers fall lower and lower each year.  

As more customers pass through businesses each day, many companies now turn to driving different price reductions, special offers and invest time in creating inspiring POS and price reduction advertisements. However, what if we were to tell you of a new, innovative solution on the market with a proven track record of increasing sales, developing customer engagement and growing profits? 

Experiential marketing made easy 

Tokinomo is a never seen before shopper engagement device, which once installed in a key location within your store, not only promotes your desired product directly from the shelf, but also enables customer engagement through both visual and audio technology. Tokinomo rethinks, remasters and reinvents in-store marketing as we know it, and offers an efficient and innovative alternative using a friendly, fun and effective method to market your products.


Imagine if you will, taking a trip to your local store and passing by the cereal aisle only to notice from the corner of your eye a box of your favorite branded cereal coming to life right from the shelf. Our shelf advertising robot utilizes motion detectors in the aisle to establish customer presence, and then will move, lift, light up and create audio where your product is located to capture the attention of your desired customer, turning an otherwise mundane shopping trip into a fun-filled and engaging activity right in your store.

How do shoppers respond? 

Trials and research of our product have shown active involvement from customers, exceptionally positive feedback, and has increased sales growth by an average of +200% across various departments whilst putting a smile on customers' faces without the need for any price reductions or promotions.


The opportunity really is endless for Tokinomo as not only can this POS robot be used for highlighting and driving areas of low turnover, but also enables store owners to create product sample points without the need to dedicate a member of staff to this task, allows for a fun and friendly engagement method to put a smile on customers faces during times of difficultly such as, slower shopping measures during COVID-19, and also offers your store a fresh and unique talking point which will travel through word of mouth and likely encourage new customers to visit your store who may not have shopped with you before.

Covid-19 speeds the use of technology in retail 

Whilst online retailing develops and grows, as does the in store customer experience, and therefore, now more than ever innovative technology and consumers are more engaged than ever. Many customers worldwide now opt to use self checkout areas which enables them a more seamless visit to be store without wanting to spend time communicating with members of staff, waiting in long queues and relying on human assistance. Tokinomo is an extension of such services, which we feel will allow stores to engage customers in promotions, products and samples without the need to rely on traditional, costly methods. 

Endless opportunities for in-store promotions 

Our in-store advertising robot also reinvents the opportunity for promoting last-minute purchases at the checkout without needing to pay time and attention into specific merchandising. Imagine you would, a customer approaching a self-checkout to purchase their goods before the Tokinomo robot detects their presence and lights up a bottle of your best selling whisky on the shelf next to the checkout. Just as the customer looks over at the display, Tokinomo uses audio and motion technology to move the product on the shelf in a friendly and engaging motion with will not only capture the attention of your customer but also capture their amazement. 

Grocery retail marketing reinvented

The overall vision of the product is to reimagine retail marketing, and put consumer engagement and product marketing into your hands. With a proven track record of an average growth of +200% without the need for price reductions, and visible footage proving and promoting positive customer engagement, the future with Tokinomo shelf advertising robots looks to be a great one.


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