3 Strategies for High Product Visibility

If you are looking to increase sales in your store, you will need to ensure your products are visible to clients. To boost product visibility you may need to get more creative, without bombarding your customers with too many messages. The e-Commerce market is pushing competition to new levels, and with constant access to smartphones where shoppers can research products online, product visibility in-store can make or break a sale.

We live in a world where the experience economy has transformed the retail space; shops are no longer a place just to buy goods, but where shoppers have an experience of discovery. This experience compels them to either buy a product or leave it on the shelf. Retailers are being pushed to focus on their customers' experience, which makes them present the merchandise in more appealing ways. Retailers have to engage a customer's imagination, and persuade them to buy the products on offer.

If you don't know where to start, simple but smart is the way to go. We've gathered a few easy to implement tips to boost product visibility and increase engagement for your customers.

Make your visuals appealing

Did you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual? How attractive your products are can be a driving force in catching the eye of your customers. Make your displays multi-dimensional by mixing visual interest. Add color, depth and height where you can and have a focal point. This makes the display less overwhelming and certain items are much easier to focus on. Graphics and imagery can also add personality to your store’s identity.

"Did you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual?"

Ensure your display reflects your brand

Your visuals should strongly reflect your brand and product identity. Color-blocking can be a useful tool to grab attention and reflect a brand, as can using simple and bold shapes. According to a recent study, over 75% of global consumers feel that brands should contribute to issues they care about, so if your brand plays a role in a cause or mission beyond everyday operations, let this to shine through.

Think about your target customer's experience

When it comes to driving sales and enhancing product visuals, think about the products in relation to the target customer. Individuality is at the heart of these experiences because customers will remember their shopping experience for the way it made them feel. Study the lifestyle and demographics around the target customer and their possible emotional connection to the product. So for example, if your target shoppers are young adults, engaging music, enticing fragrances and familiar photography may make them feel welcome to create a powerful and longer-lasting experience.


To conclude, make sure to do things that are within your reach and don't wait until planets align. You might not be able to change your brand's identity or your product's design really fast, but you can focus on the layout of your store and the way you arrange the products. While many customers are paying more attention to brands that contribute to causes they care about, authenticity is what separates the lasting brands from the crowd. In short, don't try to be something that you're not. At times, a clean and well organized store are the pin that move the wheel of sales. 

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