Shopper Marketing Weekly Snacks #20

Campaign scoop

No compromise. We all know that family vacations are not considered relaxing. Pepsi Zero is here for all who need a break after the family vacation. In their short, but witty commercial, you could see that a Pepsi can go a long way after you’ve compromised with your family during the vacation. 

Refurbished products. Considering how much products we waste, it was time to focus on refurbished or reused products. eBay created a funny series of commercials for their refurbished products. The magic box, as it is called, contains refurbished products that have been verified and can be reused by new owners, including those who want to start a fitness program for dogs. 

Latest retail tech news

Micro-fulfillment centers. While most products have been sold online for years with automated processes, online grocery still relies on human workers. From selecting and gathering products to delivery, the online grocery sector is run by human workers. Automated micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs) remain a rarity in the grocery space. 

Better UX for online shopping. In an effort to offer customers a better shopping experience, Instacart has made various changes. The app now has a redesigned homepage that allows users to begin shopping by selecting the category, need or channel before choosing the retailer.

Experts share their knowledge

Circular commerce. Conscious shoppers have been drawn to resale offers. To save up on money and be more sustainable, people prefer circular commerce. But is this an opportunity for driving more traffic in-store? Mark Ryski shares his opinion on the matter in the latest RetailWire discussion

mark ryski quote

Inflation and back to school. The rising inflation has put a lot of pressure on everybody. Now, kids are going back to school and parents are looking for ways to save up money. However, in the recent Retail Wire discussion experts debated whether or not back-to-school is largely an “essential category” and is immune to inflation pressure. Here’s what Dave Bruno had to say:

dave bruno quote

Sustainability in the grocery industry. In our latest expert round-up, we’ve discussed with 4 retail experts about the challenges and opportunities grocers have. When talking about the level of sustainability in the grocery sector, Nicole Leinbach Reyhle shared a great point of view:

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Multicultural grocers and alcoholic beverages

Multicultural grocers. Shoppers are looking for more diverse products. This is why multicultural grocers have a lot to offer to diverse America. These food retailers are growing revenue and footprints as demographic changes and younger consumers’ interest in global cuisines drive multicultural grocery shopping. 

Drinking at home. While most products have seen a large increase in prices, alcoholic beverages seem to have a smaller price lift. This is why consumers prefer to purchase alcoholic beverages from stores and drink them at home, instead of drinking out. Also, better-for-you and alcoholic options and alternative options are gaining popularity, as well as flavorful alcoholic drinks. 

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