Shopper Marketing Weekly Snacks #18

Campaign scoop

Keeping it cool. Some things should never change, while others might need some refreshing from time to time. Sprite’s latest commercial shows us that good things should remain unchanged, like the original taste of Sprite. While the taste remains the same, the appearance has changed because of their new bottle. 

Rhymes on the beach. What can be better than drinking a cold Corona on the beach? Drinking it next to Snoop Dogg. In the latest commercial for Corona, Andy Samberg tries (and fails) to rap with Snoop Dogg. Sometimes, it might be better just to enjoy the beach and the drink. 

Time for retail tech

Self-scanning stores. People love convenience and they hate to wait. That’s why self-checkout or self-scanning stores seem to be the future. A new report shows that these stores might triple by 2027. Last year, 10,000 stores internationally began offering mobile self-scanning, allowing shoppers to scan items on their own mobile devices. 

AI and machine learning. Oracle Retail is expanding its portfolio of retail solutions to include Oracle Retail AI Foundation Cloud Service and Oracle Retail Insights Cloud Service. This comes as a way to provide enhanced data analytics to brands. It is going to enable end-to-end insights-to-action workflows. 

Fresh live streaming. The Fresh Market implemented a video-driven customer experience platform. Thanks to live streaming and social commerce, the grocery chain has seen key engagement metrics quickly grow. The Fresh Market has been working in recent months with the live commerce platform Firework on content.

Sharing the expertise 

Mobile devices. Are mobile devices creating connected store associates yet? This is one of the top discussions on Retail Wire. Here’s what Carol Spieckerman had to say about this topic: 

Best before. Limiting food waste is a great way to reduce pollution. However, how far should retailers go to limit food waste? In one of Retail Wire’s discussions, retail experts talked about if “best before” and “use by” dates should be reimagined. Here’s what Brian Cluster had to say about this: 

Quick commerce and non-polluting eggs

Fast groceries. It seems that the quick commerce grocery sector might suffer a decline in the following months. Why? Because people are not that committed to getting their groceries faster. Shoppers want good groceries that come when it's convenient, not as fast as possible. 

Carbon-neutral eggs. Yes, you read that right! Morrisons is the first retailer to introduce carbon-neutral eggs. These eggs come from hens fed on insects. The eggs are the first product to be sold as part of the supermarket chain’s drive to be directly supplied by zero-emission British farms.


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