Shopper Marketing Weekly Snacks #17

Campaign scoop

The power of branding. When a brand manages to remain top of mind for shoppers, then the magic happens. Heinz created a simple, yet powerful commercial. In this ad, the brand asked people from around the world to draw a ketchup bottle. Watch the video to see what they drew. 

New Ryan Reynolds. Everybody loves Ryan Reynolds, right? He’s funny, great looking, and every commercial he’s in is a hit. Well, A&W Restaurants decided to hire a “new Ryan Reynolds” for their latest campaign. The restaurant used the money they “saved up” from hiring the new Ryan instead of the old one and they plan on using it to give everybody a free root beer float. Nice, right?

Retail technology at its finest

Digital-first store. Retailers are taking into account the needs and wants of their customers. That’s why Best Buy decided to open a small-format, digital-first store. In this store, shoppers will be able to scan product QR codes for desk pickup. There’s also mobile self-checkout and lockers for around-the-clock store pick-up orders. 

Grocery shopping experience. Online grocery shopping has become more than a trend. This is why Uber Eats is making efforts to change the “frustrating” shopping experience for its customers. New features will be added to the app, to make the experience better for both shoppers, retailers, and workers. 

New gen, new needs. Technology is not appreciated by every generation. However, Gen Z and Millennials seem to love it and adopt most technologies faster than expected. This is also the case with AR tech for eCommerce. Both Gen Z and Millennials rely on AR to overcome the “blind spots” of online shopping. 

Experts know best

Buy now, pay later. In one of Retail Wire’s discussions, experts talked about the benefits of BNPL and how it can influence shoppers considering the rising inflation. Dave Bruno shared a great point of view. 

Older consumers. Are retailers taking the older customers for granted? Everybody seems to be focusing on Gen Z and Millennials, while older generations are left aside. In Retail Wire’s discussion experts talked about how retailers seem to forget about consumers who are over 50 years old. Ian Percy shares some great insights. 

It’s all about the food

Reduce food waste. Considering that retailers are responsible for 10.5M tons of surplus food, it is time to find better ways to avoid food waste. Giant Eagle is rolling out Flashfood to 140 stores. The food waste-reduction program is going to be available in all 173 Giant Eagle and Giant Eagle District Market locations. 

Saving up on food. During the Pandemic, big brands were the ones that had gained more customers, and now the tables have turned. Now, due to the rising prices, people are looking for a way to save money and are more inclined to purchase private label items

“The data clearly indicates that shoppers have become more price-sensitive and value-driven in recent months.

Sean Murphy, Catalina’s chief data and analytics officer.


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