Plant-based products, canceled orders, and quick commerce - Weekly Snacks #25

Campaign scoop

Romance novel. Remember classic covers of romance novels with a shirtless man? Well, Capri Sun took it to the next level and included Juicio, a character that looks like he stepped out of the cover of a romance novel. Juicio is used in the commercial just to turn off kids just to reveal its real message—that Capri Sun now contains 40% less sugar. 

Finding a best friend. Ever watched the rose ceremony of “The Bachelorette”? This is exactly how the commercial for Milk-Bone starts. Not to give you any spoilers, she doesn’t find love, but she does find a new best friend. 

Start like a champ. We all know that breakfast is the most important meal. In this commercial for Quaker Old Fashioned Oats, Eli Manning starts his day with a bowl of oats and is trained by his neighbor. No, she doesn’t know that he is retired. 

Tech elevating retail

Digital twin. Lowe’s created a digital replica of its store. With the help of NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise’s environment associates can interact and visualize store data to better optimize operations and logistics. With this virtual twin store, Lowe’s is testing use cases including "AR X-ray vision" for people to view items available on higher shelves without needing to climb a ladder.

In-store experience enhancement. Instacart announced a new suite of connected technologies that are going to focus on in-store shopping. Some of these technologies include scan-and-go checkout and electronic shelf labels. With this rollout, Instacart is continuing to expand its services for retailers. 

Sharing the Expertise

Plant-based products. Do grocers need a new approach to selling more plant-based products? This is the topic of one of the most recent Retail Wire discussions. Here’s what Zel Bianco had to say about retailers selling plant-based products:

Canceling orders. Walmart, Kohl’s, Macy’s, and Target are some of the retailers that are canceling orders to balance inventory levels. Should order canceling be a last-resort option or regularly used to rebalance inventory? Here’s what Paula Rosenblum had to say on the topic: 


Grocery and quick commerce growth

Grocery growth. During these challenging times, grocers need to find new ways to grow. Considering that prices are still scaring off customers, more grocery leaders regard media monetization as an important growth opportunity. Also, the State of Digital Grocery: The Media Monetization Opportunity report shows that 61% of responders believe food/deli delivery is important. 

Quick commerce. During the COVID-19 pandemic, especially the lockdowns, the rapid grocery delivery sector grew rapidly. However, it seems that quick commerce has become highly unprofitable. Here are a few things that quick commerce can do to survive. 

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