Healthy features, food, and Christmas shopping- Weekly Snacks #26

Campaign Corner

Be the food hero. What’s for breakfast? How about lunch or dinner? Those brave men and women who decide to be the masters of home cooking deserve something better. The most recent commercial for Amazon Fresh shows us that an apron is just a cape put in the front. Fresh food delivered to your doorstep sure makes cooking a lot easier. 

Lucky or just dirty? NFL season is here and all brands are making sure to grab a piece of this real-time marketing. Everybody has a lucky jersey that they use when their team is playing. However, Tide shows us that we can wash it and our team will still win. Wash that jersey and enjoy the game. 

Aviation Tour. It seems that Ryan Reynolds just can’t seem to make a boring campaign. In this one for Aviation Gin, he invites us to the distillery from Oregon. Yes, those who have visited get the full tour. That includes helping out around the distillery. Fun and snappy, this commercial has all of the right ingredients. 

Time for some technology

Healthy features. Instacart is unveiling Instacart Health, a health-focused business initiative. The company released different features and tools that will help users make healthier food choices. Instacart is expanding its health tags such as gluten-free and low-sodium to make it easier for customers to find healthy products. 

Intelligent Process Automation. Technology can lend a helping hand to retail businesses. Carlsberg is taking advantage of Intelligent Process Automation technology to accelerate its order and delivery processes. This will also help Carlsberg increase workflow efficiency and improve productivity across its teams. 

Robotic POP display. Creative Retail Awards is one of the most important events in the retail industry. This year, Tokinomo, the robotic POP display won 2 awards for its campaign with Maggi Bolivia, the singing soup pot. 

Expert opinion

Customer-first. In one of RetailWire’s discussions, experts discussed the importance of the customers. Is the customer the most important part of retail? Here’s what Neil Sanders had to say on this matter:

Neil Saunders Tokinomo quote


Grocery experiences. Instacart is trying to “marry” the in-store and the online grocery shopping experience. In RetailWire’s discussion experts talked about whether or not Instacart can achieve that. Here’s what Ken Morris said regarding the topic:

Ken Morris Tokinomo quote

Events, healthy food, and Christmas shopping

Groceryshop recap. Groceryshop is one of the most important events in the industry. It gathers hundreds of retail specialists and vendors. Here’s a recap of all of the important things that we need to remember from the Groceryshop conference. 

Healthy food. Retailers are focusing on food as medicine and to do so, they are working hand in hand with dieticians. FMI found that 81% percent of surveyed retailers employ dietitians, with almost 65% at the corporate level, 31% at stores or virtually, and 12% regionally. 

Seasonal shopping. Have you started your Christmas shopping? No? Retailers are already bringing in Christmas products. However, it seems like this Christmas season shoppers are going to think more about saving up than splurging. 

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