Johnson & Johnson's first Tokinomo campaign in Portugal is on!

When you’re one of the top CPG brands of the world, you want to use the latest innovation and technology to promote your products. Johnson & Johnson breaks the ice in Portugal and disrupts the in-store marketing landscape with Tokinomo, the ultimate robot for in-store promotions. For Tokinomo aficionados who want to check it out right now, Johnson & Johnson's campaign is active in Pingo Doce supermarkets in Lisbon, Barreiro, Braga, Odivelas, Aveiro, Penafiel, Sintra, Feira and Povoa. 


Shelf advertising is something that has been overlooked for decades. Companies invest a lot in branding, outdoor advertising, digital campaigns, BTL and so on. They have creative teams that design the most engaging and thrilling campaign ideas. But everything stops at the point of sale, where all you have is some display stands, sampling options or, best case scenario, digital shelf strips or shelf talkers.

In an age where consumers have been bombarded with so much information, it is essential to focus on product visibility, otherwise you won’t get noticed. But now just anyhow. In a way that resonates with the shopper, with your brand identity and the current marketing trends that rely on personalisation and real time communication.

Enter the robotic shelf stopper. The literary robotic shelf talker. Where your products come to life, dance, engage and talk directly to the shoppers.

Why is Tokinomo so efficient?

Tokinomo does all that with its unique concept and its incorporated technology. Our robot uses a motion sensor to detect the shopper right when it approaches the product, which makes the interaction so much more natural and personal. Then, using sound, movement and lights, it highlights the product and literally makes it pop at the shelf, allowing it to communicate with the shoppers and delight them with creative and engaging audio messages.

Shopper marketing has entered a new era, where point-of-sale advertising is no longer outdated and boring. Tokinomo makes products come to life, which in turn boosts shopper engagement and lifts sales beyond compare. Product visibility, brand awareness, product recognition, shopping engagement, customer acquisition. That’s just a few things Tokinomo is the best at.

Remote campaign management. Really!

Retail innovation also means giving marketers the right tools to operate in this fast changing environment. That’s why we created a cloud-based campaign management platform to manage the campaign settings remotely. What does this mean? Imagine having a campaign in 200 stores. Some of them will want to start sooner, some later, some will want the sound louder, some lower. Some have 24/7 working hours, some just until 10 o’clock. Managing so many different things can be overwhelming and when it comes to traditional campaigns, trade marketers will agree it is. Not with Tokinomo.

With Tokinomo cloud platform you can update all devices in real time, because they work via internet connection, so all data is transferred instantly. Want to change the volume in just a few stores? Two clicks and you’re done. Want to stop the device from working during the night? Schedule its working hours from your desk. Want to change the audio file because it’s Mother’s Day and you’d like to send your best wishes to your shoppers? Upload a new audio message for that specific day and then go back to your default campaign settings. So easy!

Real-time in-store analytics.

And that’s not it. Tokinomo also gives you the chance to have an overview of your campaign success. The Analytics section of the cloud platform provides real-time measurement of foot traffic and device activations. In each moment, in each store. You can see how many shoppers passed in front of your device and the engagement you had.

The future of retail

The future of retail is customisable, innovative, tech and deeply experiential. The future of retail is Tokinomo. Just have a look at the customer reactions to a Tokinomo in-store activation and see for yourself.

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