Interruption marketing: How to ace it in brick and mortar stores

We are bombarded with ads, promotions, and banners every day. Open the browser, you get 3 ads, open the email, 5 cold messages. Of course, due to the massive amount of ads, customers are no longer paying attention. 

What can you do to make sure that customers get your message loud and clear? Use interruption marketing!

While it might be easier to disrupt people with ads and pop-ups, most brands still sell exclusively in brick and mortar stores. This makes it even harder for them to attract the attention of shoppers. 

However, it is not impossible to have a powerful interruption marketing strategy in physical stores. Before we dig deeper into the strategy for brick and mortar retail, let’s find out more about this type of marketing. 

Interruption marketing vs permission marketing

You might think that nobody likes to be interrupted, right? Well, it actually depends on what the interruption consists of. If you are working and someone interrupts you and tells you to take a break, you might like it. If you are watching your favorite TV show and an ad about hand cream comes on, it might just annoy you. 

Interruption marketing contains almost all types of advertising we all know and use. For instance, PPC is a type of interruption-based marketing. Also, cold emails, TV and radio commercials are disruptive. 

However, there are also permission marketing tactics that attract customers. If a customer follows you on Twitter and they see a tweet from you, that is permission marketing. They were the ones who hit the follow button. Interruption and permission marketing come hand in hand most of the time.

You can place an ad on Facebook encouraging people to like your page (interruption marketing) and then post about your products (permission marketing). Newsletters and the content you have on your website are also permission marketing tactics. With them, you don’t disrupt the activity of the customers. They are the ones who opted in. 

Interruption marketing in brick and mortar stores

It’s clear that interruption marketing takes place more often in the online environment. However, there are some ways in which you can apply it in physical stores as well. You can disrupt your shoppers’ activity and catch their attention right at the point of purchase. 60% of Millennials, for instance, are loyal to brands. However, they expect a lot from a brand before they make up their mind. If you amaze them, you turn them into loyal customers. 

If you want to make sure that your shoppers are not only interrupted, but also engaged, you will need to focus on their needs and wants and make the interruption interesting. 

   1. Digital displays 

Digital displays are a great way to interrupt your customers while they are shopping. These displays can be used as part of your in-store marketing strategy to attract attention. Digital displays are better, more attractive than cardboard displays and they are easier to spot as well. 

   2. Robotic POP displays 

If you really want to turn the interruption into a whole experience, you might want to use a robotic POP display like Tokinomo. It will not only disrupt the activity of the customers, but it will also engage with them. Unlike digital displays, a robotic display can make the products talk, sing, and dance. 

Imagine walking down an aisle in the local supermarket and you suddenly hear the bottle of ketchup singing. You are interrupted, but you are curious, not annoyed. Chances are, you are going to walk to it, read the label, and put it in the cart. 

   3. Augmented reality and VR

Interrupt, but make it fun! With augmented reality and VR, you can grab the attention and provide an awesome experience. These two technologies are great for your shopper marketing efforts because they are very engaging, unlike those old-school in-store advertising tools. 

Tips and tricks on for brick and mortar interruption marketing

   1. Be creative 

If you interrupt the customer, you might as well do it in a really creative way. For instance, with a robotic display, you can make your products talk to each other or sing a funny song. Attention-grabbing, but also fun to look at, right? 

   2. Be bold

Don’t use the same old boring messages, try something new, bolder. People are tired of hearing: This product is the best for your family/your needs. You’ve got to come up with something better. 

   3. Use technology

Technology is your best friend when it comes to brick and mortar retail. Robots, AR, VR, gamification, and digital displays are just a few solutions for your store. 

Interruption marketing doesn’t have to annoy the customers, it’s merely used to grab the attention of shoppers while they are right at the point of purchase. Think about the wants and needs of shoppers if you want to get their attention and convert them into loyal customers.

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