10 Retail Conferences and Trade Shows Still Happening in 2021

The retail industry, like so many other industries, is currently being rocked hard by the Coronavirus which has unfortunately resulted in many conferences and trade shows being canceled. Social distancing is, after all, a tricky thing to do in the midst of a global pandemic and some retailers (including big ones) are going bankrupt.

Successful retailers are employing strategies that rely heavily on digital strategies and certain businesses have moved completely online. But there are certain businesses (like grocery stores) that are continuing to thrive with a brick-and-mortar setup. We've put together a list of conferences and events that are still going on this year whether you are a completely online retailer or a retailer still thriving the old way:

Top 10 Retail Conferences and Trade Shows 

 1. Future Stores Conference Feb 7th - Feb 9th, 2021

Taking place in Miami, Florida, this conference is all about the future of the in-store experience. The conference explores best practices for the future of in-store shopping relying heavily on high tech to complement the hi-touch experience. The conference will give retailers tips and strategies to retool their in-store experience for 2021 and beyond!

 2. e-Tail Virtual Summit and Expo Feb 23rd - Feb 25th, 2021

This conference is all about transitioning into the future given the effect of Coronavirus on retail and the economy. Sound e-commerce strategies will be discussed as well with great influential speakers! Some of the workshops on the agenda include tips and tricks on how to increase shopper experience and how to reset after the COVID pandemic.

 3. The NGA Show March 7 - March 9, 2021

Taking place in sunny San Diego, this is a must-see event for retailers and not just because it takes place close to a beach (though that is a big plus!). The event features over 400 companies that are on the cutting edge of effective retail strategies and technologies for 2021 and beyond! And if that wasn't enough, there will be over 60 educational workshops that are hosted and taught by retailers that get results!

4. Shoptalk 2021 - 21st - 24th of March 2021

This event was supposed to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, and cover most parts of the broader retail landscape. It covers everything from electronics to groceries to beauty, apparel, and more! Due to COVID-19, the meetings are going to be held online in three separate events: GroceryShop Spring Meetup, ShopTalk Meeting for Women, and ShopTalk Fall Meetup. 

5. ASD Market Week

This year, the organizers thought of a great way to make the conference both entertaining and safe for participants. That’s why this is actually going to be a Road Show. It’s going to be held in Dallas on 24th-25th of March, Orlando on 8th-9th of April, and Phoenix on 28th-29th of April. 

6. AI 4 2021, RETAIL, SUPPLY CHAIN & MARKETING April 7th to 8th, 2021

Taking place online this year, this conference will focus on the use and integration of Artificial Intelligence into all facets of Retail and Supply Chain Management and will look at the integration of AI technologies into marketing best practices.

7. NRF 2021 On-demand until February 2021

This conference, originally scheduled to be held in New York, New York has now moved online. Content will be available on-demand until February 2021 and they are planning to return with more events in June 2021. This conference covers the future of retail and the challenges currently faced by retailers.

8. Women in Retail Leadership Summit - Oct 11th - 13th, 2021 

This event takes place in Miami, Florida and as the name would suggest, this summit is specifically designed for women and features the best in the business. From inspirational female Executives and Leaders to inspirational women speakers, this summit focuses on the future of retail, how women can make a difference, and be successful! Meet other industry leaders and learn the technologies and technologies for 2021 that will help you maximize sales!

9. RetailX Conference Aug 24th - Aug 25th, 2021

This conference takes place at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. and will focus on the transformation of retail and featuring over 400 exhibitors. Come prepared because this conference it’s all about innovation in retail. 


This conference takes place every year and it is presented by VMSD. The retail conference is going to be held in Denver, Colorado. If you decide to attend, you will find out amazing tips on how to better engage with shoppers. 

2020 was no doubt a difficult year and 2021 will likely have its challenges as well. Retail will experience many transformations and that's why all retailers must stay on top of future trends and navigate tricky waters. We hope this list will help you do just that!


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