Customer perception, shrinkflation, and shoplifting Weekly Snacks #24

Campaign scoop

Forgotten password. Streaming services are great, especially for true fans. What happens when a football fan forgets the password right before a big game? Everybody goes crazy. However, there’s nothing that can’t be solved by a cold Dr. Pepper, right? 

Don’t skip lunch. It’s NFL season and a lot of brands incorporate football into their commercials. In this one, Campbell soup uses McVay to remind us that our lunch is our halftime and we should never skip it. 

NFL Announcer. Games wouldn’t be the same without the announcer commenting on the game play-by-play, right? Well, in this commercial, Josh Allen gives an interesting play-by-play of people eating Frito Lay Snacks. Is never too soon to start practicing your NFL announcer skills. 

It’s time for retail tech

Beauty experience. J.C.Penney has been through some challenges in the last few years. However, the retailer seems to have found a great way to revamp itself with technology. J.C.Penney just released a skincare adviser experience. Along with the skincare experience, the retailer debuted make-up try-on capabilities with AR tech. 

Personalizing the experience. Walmart added a new set of features to its app and website. These features aim to personalize the experience and ease of use for shoppers. One of the features is going to help users by offering suggestions for items and accessories. 

Robotics division. Amazon Robotics started out back in 2012 when the retailer acquired Kiva Systems. Since then, Amazon has been adding new companies in this division to research and acquire new fulfillment technologies. Now, Amazon just acquired Cloostermans, a Belgium-based supplier for mechatronics equipment that has been working with Amazon since 2019. 

Expert opinions

Traditional marketing. Is traditional advertising making a comeback? This is the topic of one of Retail Wire’s discussions. In this discussion, experts shared their points of view regarding traditional advertising and its performance. Shep Hyken stated: 


Shep Hyken quote Tokinomo


Shrinkflation is coming. Is it better to provide smaller portions than to increase prices for regular-sized products? In Retail Wire’s discussion, experts talked about the shrinkflation trend. Here’s what Ken Morris had to say about shrinkflation: 

Ken Morris quote Tokinomo

Customer perception and shoplifting

Customer perception. Americans’ view on business has changed in the last year. 36 percent of Americans have a positive view of businesses, down from 45 percent before the pandemic. Positive views of the grocery industry dropped 14 percentage points from last year. The high prices have had a negative impact on customers’ perceptions. 

Retail crimes. The Pandemic as well as the rising inflation have negatively impacted the retail sector. One of the biggest problems is that retailers have been dealing with more crimes, including shoplifting in the last two years. 

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