Trendy foods, Target's Christmas, and Metaverse Cameos - Weekly Snacks #30

Campaign scoop

Love the Holidays. Everybody loves the “holiday feeling”, right? That warm fuzzy feeling that you get when you are surrounded by your loved ones and no longer need to think about work, school, or other problems. Walmart’s commercial shows that no matter the traditions you follow during the holiday season, you will find everything you need in their store. 

Take action. How many times have you said that you will have a lit Friday night and hit the clubs, but ended up playing video games or binge-watching something on TV? Lakerol’s commercial shows you that it’s time to take action and make the best of your weekend (or not). 

Time for retail tech

Metaverse cameo. Brands are starting to make more and more cameos on Metaverse, but are their efforts enough? Executives with iHeartMedia, Vatom, and Procter & Gamble discussed the shift to an always-on metaverse strategy during an Advertising Week panel. Brands need to understand that Metaverse offers exposure and it’s a new channel to focus on. 

Smart checkout is expanding. Supermarkets are not the only stores that can benefit from smart checkout. Convenience stores and gas stations need a better way to help customers move fast and skip the line. An advanced checkout is a great option for c-stores. 

Customer demands. While foot traffic is increasing, shoppers have different expectations for the in-store experience. They expect retailers to provide a seamless, omnichannel experience. Customers want fast, convenient, and tech-adapted shopping when they come to the store. 

Expert opinions

The right substitution. Nothing is more annoying than receiving a bad substitution for the product you ordered and paid for online. In this discussion from Retail Wire, experts talk about the substitution process for BOPIS. Here’s what Neil Saunders mentioned: 

Neil Saunders quote Tokinomo

Target’s Christmas. Target’s foot traffic is constantly increasing, but is this giant retailer going to “own” Christmas this year? In one of RetailWire’s discussions, Mark Ryski shared his opinion on the matter: 

Mark Ryski Quote Tokinomo

Community, food trends, and Halloween sales

Community-gathering spaces. Apart from becoming a one-stop shop for customers, many retailers are considering including specially designed places for people to gather inside the store. Whether it is a cafe or an in-store garden, these special spots inside the store can make customers spend more time shopping and getting together inside the retailer’s store. 

Trendy foods. Whole Foods shows us the top 10 most trendy foods for 2023. The retailer has been releasing its trend lists for the past eight years. However, this is the second year when Whole foods also makes a box with all of the products which are also available for purchase. 

Halloween as a business. More and more people are celebrating Halloween every year. This, of course, has an impact on retail sales. More people celebrating, means more people purchasing candy, costumes, decorations, and other products for parties and Halloween activities. Now, Halloween is a $10B business that brands need to see as an opportunity for seasonal marketing

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